Clawbert Cheats: Spell Word & 3 Best Tips for Eggs, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

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Clawbert for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Clawbert Tip #1: Egg Slots.
Prioritize unlocking egg slots to be able to open more eggs quickly.
With 2 or 3 eggs slots, you can clear the machine faster before the reset machine time expires.
You can also obtain more coins and diamonds because you can clear more eggs in the machine. You can get them without too many eggs blocking their path.
You can also get more collections, coins and rare diamonds from opening eggs in eggs slot.
The first egg slot is free while the second egg slot costs 20 diamonds and the third egg slot costs 100 diamonds.

Clawbert Tip #2: Daily Checklist.
You can get rewards such as collections, coins or diamonds by completing any checklist listed in Daily Checklist.
When you complete all of the checklist in daily checklist, you will receive special rewards.
Special Rewards are just similar with regular rewards but it will have a huge amount of coins,diamonds or maybe a rare collection or a rare egg.
Don't be afraid spending your hard earned coins for instantly opening your eggs to be able to clear the machine before the reset machine time expires.
It is because the third checklist requires clearing the machine.

Clawbert Tip #3: Using Coins and Diamonds Efficiently.
Coins can be obtained through claw machine, opening eggs and daily checklist.
Coins should be spend on instantly or speeding up the opening of eggs for daily checklist.
Diamonds can be obtained through claw machine, opening eggs and daily checklist.
Diamonds should be spend on unlocking 2nd and 3rd Egg Slots.
If you have completely unlock all of the egg slots, you can exchange your excess diamonds with coins in the shop.

Clawbert Spell Word (Code) LOVIECLAWIE 5 Diamonds. SHOWMETHEMONEY 1000 Coins,
1000000FRIENDS 10 Diamonds. 10000FRIENDS 500 Coins. CASUALFRIDAY 5 Diamonds. FUNWEEK 5 Diamonds. ALLLOVECLAWBERT 300 Coins.

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