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Rapacity Idle Cheats: CDkey Codes and City Upgrade Tips, Android, iOS Strategy Guide and Tricks

Today we have a new game called Rapacity, it is an Idle Game currently available only on android version however it is currently at Beta Version so this is not the final product of the game. So in this video, I'm gonna share some tips on how to quickly progress or improve your City in the game and share a new CDKey Code.

How to improve your City or the Character progress ingame?

To boost your progress ingame, you need to buy Build Device if you are a Physical City or Build Module if you are an Elemental City.

Build Device or Module in RENOVATE will increase your City's EXP gain per second. Reducing the waiting time for your next Upgrade.

Upgrading your City through "City Upgrade Button" will unlock features that allows you to progress more.

Renovating will help you to upgrade quickly by reducing the waiting time. So you need a lot of Build Device or Module.

You can do that by allotting your Diamonds and Energy Fragment to buy Build Device or Module.
There are two ways to get Build Device or Module Instantly by buying them in Store.

You can buy them at Black Market by using Diamonds and Stash Shop by using Energy Fragment.

However Build Device or Module may not appear at Stash Shop but it is guaranteed available at Black Market.

The key here is to buy the Build Device or Module and restock the Shop again with Build Device or Module by spending Diamonds.

It is important to not spend a lot of Diamonds to other items purchasable in other shops. You may purchase Urban Core Chest and Baiter but in moderation or needed only. Also there's no point in saving diamonds for future purchases as you won't quickly progress in the game. So spend your diamonds in Build Device or Module and use them as much as you can.

So for the CDKey Code, it is RAPACITY

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Fishing Masters Cheats: 5 Great Tips for Ulala Gameplay, Android, iOS Strategy Guide and Tricks


Fishing Masters by Ten Square Games for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) Mobile Game

Fishing Masters Tip #1: Finish the Daily Quest Early
Finishing Daily Quest provides you instant bonuses for you to advance in more stages and thus earning you more exp and gold at the same time.

Fishing Masters Tip #2: Always try to challenge the boss
Even if you failed, you might kill it by Critical Chance and Evading their attacks but you should avoid their critical chance and you should hit them as many as possible. So luck should be on your side, if you are lucky to kill that boss and pass the stage, you might advance more stages thus earning you more exp and gold in idle mode.

Fishing Masters Tip #3 Quick Battle.
Quick Battle provides you exp, gold, and equip that you can use and improve your character
But you should use Quick Battle when you hit your current limit or plateau. Dont waste your quick battle if you can still beat your current boss. 

Fishing Masters Tip #4: Which to enhance first?
They are all important, weapon, armor, accessories and ride. I still don't know which has more impact, if it is the attack damage or both armor and health. But one thing is clear that the ride has lower attack stats than your weapon. So you select either the weapon, armor or accessories that your going to upgrade first but you should only upgrade your ride when you already upgrade those equip.

Fishing Masters Tip #5: Inventory and Gear
A place where you can view all Gear found during exploration.
Space is limited to 200 items and once full, you won't be able to receive any more Gear.
Smelt Gear to make space in your Inventory.
Always equip the best possible Gear to be able to defeat the enemies you face.
Gears have different rarities:

Fishing Masters Tip #6: Enhance
Upgrade Gear Slot
Each Gear slot can be upgraded using Gold Coins to increase the value of Gear Items.
Enhance Gear Slot.
When the Gear Slot cannot be upgraded any further, use Dust to enhance the gear slot and increase the main stat of the Gear equipped.

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Farlight 84 Cheats: 13 Quick Tips on How to Win in Battle Royale, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Farlight 84 by MIRACLE GAMES SG PTE. LTD. for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) Mobile Game

How do I level up weapons in a match?
You receive Weapon XP by dealing damage, making assists, and defeating enemies. When you have gained enough Weapon XP, your weapon will be leveled up and the Mods you’ve preset will be unlocked

How do I level up weapons in a match?
You receive Weapon XP by dealing damage, making assists, and defeating enemies. When you have gained enough Weapon XP, your weapon will be leveled up and the Mods you’ve preset will be unlocked.

How do I change the Mods of a weapon?
Go to your Arsenal and press “MODIFY” to change Mods.

What’s the difference between ammo-using weapons and Energy-using weapons?
1. They consume different resources. One uses ammo while the other uses Energy.
2. Energy-using weapons have slower projectile speed but lower recoil.

How do I fly when I’m in a match?
Press the horizontal flying button to fly horizontally.

How come sometimes I cannot fly?
If you do not have enough Energy, you will not be able to fly.

How come sometimes I cannot charge Energy to fly?
When you are in combat, you cannot charge Energy. Without Energy, you cannot fly.

What does Energy do?
1. When you have picked up a Shield Core and are out of combat, Energy will be automatically consumed to recharge your Shield.
2. Used to reload Energy-using weapons.
3. Flying with Jetpack costs Energy.
4. Energy is consumed to open Energy Chests.
5. Energy is consumed to use some vehicle skills.

How do I obtain Energy?
1. You automatically obtain Energy when you are outdoors in the daytime.
2. Get close to a Charging Pole and stay next to it to keep charging Energy until you have depleted it.
3. When you have defeated a player, you can obtain some Energy from the loot the player has dropped.

What does the Shield do?
Your Shield prevents you from receiving damage to your health. Only when your Shield has been shattered do you receive damage.

How do I obtain a Shield?
1. Pick up a Shield Core which generates a Shield for you.
2. When you cease to be in combat for a little while, Energy is automatically consumed to recharge your Shield.

How do I view the Traits of my Capsulers?
The two starter Capsulers do not have Traits. For the rest of the Capsulers, their Traits can be viewed in the Progression tab.

How do I level up a character?
XP gained from matches increases the level of a character.
How do I obtain XP?
You can obtain XP by playing matches.