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Ulala Idle Adventure Warlock Build Guide, Strategies and Tips.

Status Attribute Build for Warlock

There is a lot of stat build variation for Warlock. But one thing for sure, you should have a MAX INT.

MAX INT allows you to deal with high damage output for the team, especially if the team lacks DPS Classes.

Warlocks do have healing skills, but they are self-heal only.
That's why Warlocks can survive  AoE attack damage from boss monsters.
Just carry 1 self-heal and you're ready to go.



INT increases ATK, thus healing and damage output increases, so having a Max Int is a must.
STA increases survivability through HP, Evasion, and Block.
TECH increases Crit Damage, which is a must for any DPS Classes.

Glass Cannon Build:

MAX INT first, followed by All TECH and 0 STA.

So go for a Glass Cannon Build Right?
Yes, most of the time you'll have a Glass Cannon Build for Stat Allocation.

Glass Cannon Build is a build that focuses on High Damage Output, hence the Cannon term but you will be weaker defensively like a glass.

However, we can counter that by having the correct skill allocation.

SKILL Build/Allocation.
Put 1 Self Heal Skill at the 3rd or 4th active slot.
Self Heal Skills:
Soul Rebirth @ Sabada Rainforest
Summon Pharmacist Frog @ Bababo Coast
Life Tap @ Sinbad Rainforest

Other 3 Active Skill will be allotted to damaging skills.

However, it is difficult to create a skill build for damaging skills since skills will be unlocked based on the unlocked location.

So I will give a recommended guideline for choosing damaging skills.

Monster Boss that has minions at the back, either summoned or not summoned.

Warlock has a lot of AoE/Multiple Target Skills to choose from and eliminating back row minions of the Monster Boss will eliminate the burden of your tank teammates from getting hit by the minions.

Solo Monster Boss

Warlock has a lot of Single Target Skills to choose from and that makes your warlock essential DPS on your team.

So you can mix a lot of variation of skill build, but one thing for sure, you should have a MAX INT and carry at least 1 Self Heal Skill.

So this is my Warlock Stat & Skill Build for Ulala Idle Adventure.

This guide might be updated since this game is still new and there are a lot of features unlockable throughout the game.

September Android/iPhone Games

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Rush Wars Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Starters, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Rush Wars | Android/iOS Tip #1: Keys.

From now on, you need to sleep for 5 hours only because you can only have a maximum of 5 keys.
– 1 Key Replenish = 1 Hour.
– 5 Key Replenish = 5 Hours.
I hope it supercell change this to a maximum 10 keys

Rush Wars | Android/iPhone/iPad Tip #2: Good Attack and Defense Positioning.

The Basic Guide for Attack and Defense is to protect your High Value
Long Range Troops by using many high HP units ahead of them.
For the Defense, always put your Long Range Units behind any kind of buildings, preferably a high HP building.

Rush Wars | Mobile Tip #3: Don't attack when you don't have any keys.

It costs gold to attack someone and CURRENTLY (Aug 27,19) you will attack someone who gives 0 gold even you got 3 stars.
Gaining gold from battle is minimal, so it will be counter productive if you attack someone without getting chest and you might net a gold loss because of 0 gold.

Rush Wars | Supercell Tip #4: Towers.

Towers are each worth one crown each
Gold storages work one star only difference is is that destroying the big gold storage first doesn't instantly end the game once you've collected five stars you'll get a free crate based on your rank but they'll require keys

Rush Wars Tip #5: Base.

Your base is your headquarters it's like the town hall from clash of clans but just a bit more
upgrading it requires gold and for you to be a certain XP level and an upgrade to headquarters gives you the ability to find new cards and crates think of it like entering a new clash royale arena
where once you're in you have the ability to find those new cards in chests along with unlockable cards your free box level rises allowing you to find better loot in them your defense also produces more goal and your gold storages increase in capacity unlike the clash of clans Town Hall you can actually see what future levels of your headquarters looks like.

Rush Wars Tip #6: Chopper.

think of the chopper as your army camps from clash of clans they can carry a certain housing space of troops air drops defenses and your commander as the chopper gets upgrading it can start travelling to more places different places.

Rush Wars Tip #7: Lab.

Now I know it sounds like it's gonna be like the clash of clans laboratory but it's actually more like the clash royale card collection tab here is where you can get an overview of every card you've collected every card you have yet to unlock and which cards can be upgraded in fact they have a handy button at the bottom that allows you to only see the cards you can upgrade here's a good tip make sure you don't waste your gold by upgrading every card take the time to test out cards and see whether or not
they're worthy of actually upgrading plus you may soon unlock a new card that does a better job gold is precious don't waste it just like clash Royale

Best August 2019 Android/iPhone Games

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Concert Kings Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Musicians, Stages, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Concert Kings Android/iPhone Tip #1: Musicians.

Concert Kings is a musical idle game about rising to the top of the music industry.
Sign dozens of awesome musicians into your music empire, each with their own unique style and sound.
Upgrade your musicians look and fame level to attract new talent, then customize your stage, band, and music to put on the performances of your dreams.

Once you've reached the required level, musicians can be sent on special recruit missions. Completing a recruit mission will allow you to recruit a new musician to your band. Some musicians can also be purchased by spending Diamonds in the Store menu!

Every musician you've recruited to your band can be viewed using the ¡°Band¡± button located  is at the bottom left of the Mainstage. It contains a detailed overview of the musicians you¡¯ve collected for each of your stages.

Practice makes perfect! You can send musicians on training missions to increase their Talent.
Once a musician has gained enough Talent their Fame will increase. musicians do not gain Talent by completing performance missions.

Musicians cannot be renamed. Each musician is completely unique and each has their own individual personality and style.

Concert Kings Android/iPhone Tip #2: Evolving a Musician.

Evolving a musician upgrades their appearance and increases the amount of band Royalties you¡¯ll make over time. fans and Tokens are required to evolve your musician. You can see the total number of fans and Tokens your musician has and how many they require to evolve by looking at their stats.

Once a musician has earned enough fans and Tokens, you can evolve them by opening your band Roster, tapping on the musician, then tapping the evolve button. The musician will then evolve and the Fan/Token counters will reset to 0. If the musician has another Evolution level, the new requirement will be displayed in their information.

When a musician can be evolved, the musician Roster button will display a small exclamation mark (!) over it. Opening the Roster will show your collected musicians for each stage. Any that can be evolved will display an exclamation mark where their level is normally displayed.

Concert Kings Android/iPhone Tip #3: Royalties.

Band Royalties are a form of income that accumulates over time. You can collect your band Royalties by tapping on the Coin icon, under your Fame level, near the top left side of your Mainstage. Make sure to log in and collect your band Royalties often or you¡¯ll reach the maximum amount you can hold and be unable to earn more.

The amount of Royalties your band earns over time are increased based on the Fame and evolve level of each of your musicians, in addition to the evolve level for each of your stages. You can see how much an individual musician is increasing your band Royalties by looking at their stats!

Concert Kings Android/iPhone Tip #4: Stages

Stages are where your musicians play their hit songs. Each stage has a different song and a different group of musicians who can perform on that stage. The stage is also where you edit your song¡¯s lyrics!

New stages are unlocked by recruiting any musician that knows how to play a part of the song on that stage. Once a musician is acquired that can play on the stage, you can freely cycle between the newly unlocked stage and your previous ones.

To unlock the next evolution for your stage you first must complete a certain amount of missions. Once the evolution is unlocked you can spend coins to complete the evolution. Evolving your stage will change the overall look of the stage, as well as increasing your Royalty gain over time. Each stage upgrade opens up more space in the venue and increases the size of your audience!

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