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Soul Seeker The 6th Knights Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Gold, Coupon Number Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

SoulSeeker The 6th Knights Tip #1: Gold.
Gold is a rare commodity and also a valuable one. You can get gold in the following ways.

  • by leveling up
  • by completing achievements and challenges
  • by building a gold mine
  • from daily bonuses (ensure you log in every day so you don't miss them)
  • by purchasing gold from the bank
  • by watching reward videos
  • by enabling ads (you will get 1 gold per 5 ads). These can be switch on/off in the settings menu
  • by extinguishing fires in other player's cities

Try to save your gold to purchase buildings that give you a large income or ideally save for a gold mine or stock exchange.

Soul Seeker The 6th Knights Tip #2: Happiness.
City happiness is the combination of the happiness of each building in your city. This also defines how much money you earn from your industrial and commercial buildings. The biggest factor in city happiness is under/over employment. Try and ensure that every person in your city is employed. The next biggest factor in city happiness (or lack of) is pollution. Trees and parks provide much needed ecology for your city and counter pollution levels. Certain buildings will be happier next to others, experiment with your zoning to find what works for your city.

SoulSeeker The 6th Knights Tip #3: Building.

a.  Hero summon
Basic summon: Use [Summon stone] to summon Hero with a chance to get [Common] and [Rare] Hero.
Mystic summon: Use [Enchant spelt] to summon Hero with a chance to get [Rare] and [Epic] Hero.
(III). Arcane summon: Use [Diamond] to summon Hero with a chance to get [Rare] and [Epic] Hero.
Hero ranking
(I). Hero in ranking of Battle power
(II). Can check equipped item and another Hero in same squad
Book of Hero
Browse Heroes list, check all Hero’s info.
Summon Hero from [Fragment] or [Wild Elixir]
Dispersing hero for [Wild Elixir]
d.  Dark Remnants (Wanted)
Daily dungeon that reward with Large amount of Potions
Can play twice a day
e.  Secret shop
Temporary shop that will randomly appear with special offer.

a.  Upgrade Tower
Upgrade your Tower with [Lumber], [Stone] and [Obsidian]
Upgrades can increase “Speed”, “Range” and “Damage”
Fully upgrade tower can “Level up” to higher rank, and allow your to upgrade further
b.  Craft
Craft equipment from [Recipe] and resources

a.  Collect Taxes. Taxes will generate every hour
b.  Force collect tex. Spend Diamond to collect more gold
c.  Assign farmer for extra gold and bonus item every 8 hours

4.Spiral tower
a.  A 40 floors tower of challenge. Player has to defeat floor boss to pass
b.  Can reset (start back at 1st floor) twice a day
c.  “Rush” will automatically fight thru the highest floor you have won

a.  Create or Join Guild
b.  Manage and check guild members
c.  Join guild battle and other activities
d.  Buy item from Guild shop

a.  Collect [Essence] of special Mythic Hero from mini-game
b.  Trade [Essence] for Mythic Hero’s fragment

SoulSeeker The 6th Knights Tip #4: Tower.

1.  Longbow & Crossbow tower (Archer class Hero)
a.  Longbow tower: Deals “Physical damage” on single target from long range.
b.  Crossbow tower: Deals “Physical damage” on single target with rapid attack.

2.  Fire & Frost tower (Mage class Hero)
a.  Fire mage tower: Deals “Magic damage” on single target. Burn effect do damage over-time.
b.  Frost mage tower: Deals “Magic damage” on single target. Freezes effect cause slow movement.

3.  Cannon & Catapult tower (Cannoneer class Hero)
a.  Cannon tower: Deals “Physical damage” on multiple target with fast attack speed.
b.  Catapult tower: Deals “Physical damage” and stun multiple target.

4.  Dark & Light sorcerer tower (Sorcerer class Hero)
a.  Dark sorcerer tower: Deals “Magic damage” on multiple target. Victim will lose HP over-time.
b.  Light sorcerer tower: Deals “Magic damage” on multiple target. Victim will become more vulnerable for Magic damage

Soul Seeker The 6th Knights Coupon Number Code: SS6 (limited time only).

October Android/iPhone Games

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BlueMarble M Origin Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Heroes, Gameplay , Strategy Guide and Tricks

GODLIKE BlueMarble M Origin Tip #1: Gameplay.
This session will guide you through the game system and how’s it work, and let you understand the game mechanics.

Adorable Characters!
Upon first play, player can select one of the 4 character each with differents stats. When ready click

Upon first turn, the opponents are randomize and player with the highest total will goes first.

How to play [2]

1. Each player will get two dice, Push the dices icon (Right corner of the screen.) then release to
throw dice on board.

2. Watch for the charge gauge, player may indicated how far they will goes by observe the charge bar. For example, If player want to goes for 5 steps then player must charged and then release when the gauge hit number 5, This action will depend on player's dice the higher grade will granted more precise result and effect.

Beware the danger zone, the dice will rolls out as a skull dice and stops on a random number.

3. Player can do extra dice roll whenever he or she roll a double.
4. Roll to move clockwise around the board according to the total number on the dice.
When a player land on a available square, they may bought a Land upgrade to a Building
then a Landmark,
Owner will received passage fee when passing and opponent must pay a
toll when land on your property and they may take over your property.
Of course, likewise you have to pay rent whenever you land on an opponent's property and may take over them.

5. Landmark construction will take 3 turns, but when the owner visit those square on one of three consecutive turns, the Landmark will complete instantly. And the opponent can take over before it is complete.
6. Touch the square to see the information.
7. Player received rewards and rank point upon winning.

2. Winning Conditions.
Yuna, NPC will guide you on how to win the game, there are 3 conditions.

1. COLOR MONOPOLY - Buy all of the properties in the same color group, then you have a
Monopoly Win.
2. BANKRUPTCY VICTORY - An opponent goes bankrupt when he or she doesn't have enough
cash to pay the toll.
3. END OF TURN - Game will end after 25 turns, the wealthiest player win the game.

- You can check out the heroes you have and the entire heroes at [Heroes].
① It shows the name of hero, acquisition and wearing status.
② Hero Displays the current level of each skill.
③ Displays the current quantity of hero tomes and the quantity required for upgrade.
④ Displayed when you can level up your hero.
⑤ You can see the total hero tomes list and the number of hero tomes you currently have.

⑥ Move to the screen where you can mount or release hero.

GODLIKE BlueMarble M Origin Tip #2: Hero Management.

① Display the current hero's star and level. (There is a maximum of 5 stars in the province, and you can upgrade to the next castle if you achieve 10 levels of each castle.)

② Displays hero's current skill level and skill effect.
③ Displays the hero book and the current hero stand quantity required to raise the level.
④ Touch the button to consume gold and raise the level.
⑤ You can see the hero's biography on the [Biography] tab.

- You can move to PVP by [Lobby] → [PVP]Button.

- You can check information about match at [PVP Lobby]

① Map Name
② User's Arena, Trophy point, Background image of map
③ User's Deck (You can switch user's another deck by button touch)
④ You can choice and equip with star item.
⑤ User's current season ranking and ranking rewards
⑥ User's match record of this season (watch past match video)
⑦ You can choice match method (1vs1, 1vs1vs1, 2vs2 team match)
⑧ Reward Box List (you can open the box by mysterious key or GEM immediately
⑨ Play the match (consume one baloon)

GODLIKE BlueMarble M Origin Tip #3: Deck Management.

2. You can see the character on the [Deck] screen.
①. You can replace the [Deck] by touching the tab.
②.Check the currently selected [character rating], [level], [OOPArtz], [Hero] and [skill information].

- Click on the magnifying glass, character detail view window is exposed and exposes the stat's information of the character
③ You can check the list of characters you have.
④ Sort the characters you have in order of grades or level.
⑤ you can possible to check character amount on hand and extend slots (up to 150)
⑥ Sell characters.
⑦ Character Album
⑧ Character Draw (go to shop)

3. When touching a character from your character list,you can check the character details.
① You can touch the tab to compare the character and stats on other decks
② You can check the character grade, level, and stats of the selected deck.
③ You can preview the character's MAX level of stats.
④ You can enhanced the character
⑤ You can view Material information for fuse

⑥ Character Fuse

- If you consume a certain amount of gold on two MAX level characters and the material acquired through the exploration mode, you will be upgraded to the next grade.

- Character's Max level each Grade
Grade C : Lv5
Grade B : Lv10
Grade A : Lv20
Grade S : Lv30

- Growth Material : You can get it from the expedition or get it from spend mount of Marble gem.

⑦ Character Switch : The phrase will be printed when you click the switch button
- When you click OK, it will be switched with the currently worn character

October Android/iPhone Games

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Wilds: Slice & Dice Cheats: 3 Best Tips for MOBA, Promo Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Wilds: Slice & Dice is a new moba game released by PigBang/AI GAMES FZ for Android and iOS devices.
Learn these three tips and you'll be ready on what abilities, weapons, towers does ingame.

Wilds: Slice & Dice Tip #1: Abilities.

Abilities are special attacks, shields, buffs, de-buffs and banners that you can use in combat for more effective fighting.
You'll need energy for most abilities.

Energy is a substance used for most abilities.
A player gains energy when attacking enemies with a weapon, or when attacked by enemies.
Energy is lost overtime when not attacking enemies.

  • Cryo Grenade: Slows enemies and stuns them for a short period of time.
  • EMP Grenade: Disables enemy weapons and towers.
  • Fire Boomerang: Throws a boomerang to burn enemies and do double damage when hitting them again
  • Immunity: Makes you immune to negative effects and eliminates them. 
  • Airstrike: Produce an airstrike.
  • Banner of Damage: A banner that increases ally damage in an area.
  • Banner of Defence: A banner that increases ally defence in an area.
  • Banner of Slowdown: A banner that slows enemies in an area.
  • Berserk: You will gain speed while dealing and receiving more damage.
  • Blink: Immediately relocates you to another place a short distance away.
  • Charge: Makes a sudden dash forward, damages and stuns an enemy he runs into.
  • Corrosion Grenade: Increases the damage dealt to enemies and weakens their attacks.
  • Flame Grenade: Cause fire damage and sets the ground on fire for a period of time.
  • Haste: Increases the speed of you and your nearby allies.
  • Heal: Provides healing to you and your nearby allies.
  • Invisibility: Makes you invisible.
  • Poison Grenade: Poisons enemies. The poison intoxicates nearby allies of the infected enemy.
  • Power: Increases weapon damage for you and nearby allies.
  • Reflect Damage: Creates an energy shield that reflects a portion of incoming damage back to the attacker.
  • Shield: Creates an energy shield that absorbs a portion of incoming damage.
  • Stun: Throws back and stuns enemies.
  • Stun Grenade: Stun enemies.
  • Teleport to Base: Teleports you back to the base.
  • Wall: Creates a wall that blocks the way.
  • Warp Grenade: Creates a singularity that absorbs all nearby objects.

Wilds: Slice & Dice Tip #2: Weapons.

Calibration of Weapons.
You can improve weapons in the Armory. Choose the weapon that you would like to improve, and then click the "Calibrate" Button.
  • Healing Gun: Healing Allies.
  • Tesla Gun: Causes great damage to buildings and mechanical units. Slows your movement Speed when equipped
  • Flamethrower: Causes great aerial  damage at a short distance. Sets enemies on fire. Slows your movement speed when equipped.
  • Machine Gun: Causes great damage at a medium distance. Slows your movement speed when equipped.
  • Rocket launcher: Cause medium aerial damage at a long distance. Slows your movement speed when equipped.
  • Shotgun: Causes great damage at a short distance.
  • SMG: Causes medium damage at a long distance.
  • Sword: Causes great damage to multiple targets at a short distance.

Weapon Perks
You can insert temporary weapon perks into your weapon. Weapon perks are basically different elemental effects.
  • Bleeding: Bullets and stabs can cause bleeding.
  • Corrosion: Bullets and stabs can cause infection. Enemies receive more damage while infected.
  • Critical Damage: Bullets and stabs can cause critical damage.
  • Explosion: Bullets and stabs can cause an explosion.
  • Fire: Bullets and stabs can set enemies on fire.
  • Freeze: Bullets and stabs can freeze enemies.
  • Kickback: Bullets and stabs can throw enemies back.
  • Poison: Bullets and stabs can poison enemies.
  • Stun: Bullets and stabs can stun enemies.
  • Vampirism: Bullets and stabs can steal life from the enemy and give it to you.

Wilds: Slice & Dice Tip #3: Towers.

Towers can be purchased with gold and constructed on ally-owned territory.
  • Antiair Tower: Attacks one air target. 20 gold.
  • Flame Tower: Attacks several ground targets. Sets enemies on fire. Causes more damage to biological enemies. 36 gold.
  • Machine Gun Tower: Attacks one ground target. 20 gold.
  • Rocket Tower: Attacks both ground and air targets. Causes areal damage. 54 gold.
  • Tesla Tower: Attacks several ground targets. Cause more damage to mechanical units. 42 gold.

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