EGG, INC. Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Prestige, Research, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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EGG, INC. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Keep Making Chickens
More chickens produce more eggs to sell to you make money faster!

EGG, INC. Tip #1: Hatchery.
The hatchery is full of baby chicks and is where chickens come from when you press the chicken button. It needs time to refill when you deplete it.
This makes that happen faster.

EGG, INC. Tip #2: Excited Chickens.
Your farm gets an earning bonus for every chicken running to a hen house.
This increase the bonus per chicken.

EGG, INC. Tip #3: Research.
Make money faster with Research.
Research as much as you can and watch your earnings grow!

EGG, INC. Tip #4: Hatcheries.
Internal hatcheries produce chickens right inside your hen houses, even while you're away, no need to click.
Not that the rate is per hen house.

EGG, INC. Tip #5: Compounding.
The effect of Research within separate Tiers in compounding.
(X + 100% + 100% = X + 300%)

EGG, INC. Tip #6: Prestige.
Each soul egg gives your farm a +10% earnings bonus.
When you prestige you completely restart but keep your permit, piggy bank, epic research, golden eggs and soul eggs.