Deep Town Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Mining, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

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Deep Town for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Deep Town Tip #1: Using Mining Stations.
Aside from Drones, Mining Stations can also collect raw resources automatically but you need to open and run the game while the device screen is on. You can't collect raw resources if you exit the game or even turning the device screen off.
However you should manually claim the collected raw resources for you to be able to obtain it successfully.

Mining Stations has limited capacity to collect resources. You need to claim it, so that you're mining stations will be able to collect resources again.
Upgrade your mining station to be able to collect more rarer raw resources but you can also collect rarer resources by putting mining stations at deeper level than your previous mining stations.

Deep Town Tip #2: Spells for Corrupted Blocks.
Corrupted Blocks has an ability to regenerate from drilling or any means of destroying the blocks.
It will regenerate every 6-7 seconds for about 20% health point of the corrupted block.
It will be difficult to completely destroy corrupted blocks with low output damage because of it's ability to regenerate.

Fortunately for us, there are spells to help us destroy corrupted blocks. However not all spells are helpful when destroying corrupted blocks.
There are no specific set of spells to effectively destroy corrupted blocks but we have guidelines on what spells are effective with corrupted blocks.
1. Spells that has very low cooldown. Low cooldown spells can be use again and again when destroying corrupted blocks. These spells should be powerful enough to damage the corrupted blocks after it regenerates.
2. Continuous damage spell is also a good spell for corrupted blocks because it will spread it's total damage output over time. It has low damage per second but gives high total output damage when the spell is over.
3. Disabler spells that can disable the corrupted block from regeneration such as freeze, lower regeneration rate and etc. These spells are very effective for destroying corrupted blocks because it temporarily disable the regeneration of corrupted blocks. However, you should also take note of it's spell duration and spell cooldown.

Deep Town Tip #3: Building Information.
Mining Station: This stations mine resources of are they are on by drilling into the tunnel walls.
Upgrading station increases mining speed and maximum storage capacity.

Smelting: Here in high temperatures resources can be processed and smelted into bars and ingots.
Upgrading adds another bowl for smelting two items at the same time.

Crafting: Here is where general of assembly of things happens.
Robotic hands will masterfully attach and produced complicated devices from vast list of recipes.
Upgrading this adds additional crafting stations.

Drone Bay: Drones can do multiple things besides construction, like claiming resources while you are offline.
Upgrading allows to have additional drones to do many things at once.

Greenhouse: Life will always find a way, growing organics in controlled environment is a great source for complex materials.
All you need is water, seeds and some patience.

Water Collector: On this waterloss planet, this is the only way to collect water from acid rains.
Only collects water during the rain.
Upgrading increases maximum tank capacity.

Jewel Crafting: Jewels can be sold for a lot, but only when they are shiny.
Master jeweler will be happy to polish them for you.

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