Last Fortress Cheats: 9 Best Tips For City Development, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Last Fortress by Gameholic for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Last Fortress Tip #1: Gameplay.
Expand your Federation’s territory by creating Camps in different cities. Plus, build Farms, Oil Refineries, Iron Ore Plants as well as three types of Barracks where you can recruit troops for your Heroes to lead.
With your own army, you can attack NPCs wandering in the World or Skynet Cities (NB: Enemies in cities are very strong, so you’d better team-up with others to fight them by joining the War Assembly).

Last Fortress Tip #2: Heroes Stats.
1. Dominance: Affects number of troops you can take into battle.
2. Courage: Affects ATK bonus of troops led by Heroes.
3. Politics: Increases gains when Hero is Constructing.
4. Tenacity: Affects DEF bonus of troops led by Heroes.

Last Fortress Tip #3: Occupy Cities.
1. Choose an enemy City on the World Map.
2. Select "Attack" and send troops to fight. After arriving at the City, your troops will immediately start battling the Defense Troops here.
3. If you win, your Federation will occupy the City.
Defense Troops are strong so fight with other Federation members to avoid defeat.

Last Fortress Tip #4: Defend Cities.
1. Choose a friendly City on the World Map.
2. Select "Move" and send troops to guard the City.
If attacked, your troops will help defend.
3. Note: If the City has Camps, troops that have been setup will not take part in City defense.

Last Fortress Tip #5: Search.
1. Choose a search site on the World Map and send troops to investigate.
2. Troops use time searching every floor of a Search the last floor or are defeated.
3. Get EXP and Chests from searching.

Last Fortress Tip #6: Attack Skynet.
1. Choose a Skynet troop on the World Map and send troops to attack.
2. Get EXP and Rewards when you defeat Skynet troops; The higher their level, the better your rewards.

Last Fortress Tip #7: Construction.
1. Choose a friendly City on the World Map. Select "Construct" and send troops to go build.
2. Get Character EXP, Rewards and Defense points from Constructing; Defense Points increase the number of City Guards in the City.
3. The longer the construction time, the better the gains you will get.

Last Fortress Tip #8: Construction Help.
1. You can request help from your legion when constructing/upgrading buildings.
2. Other players in the same Legion can help construct/upgrade a building once to speed up construction time.
3, You can only request help once/building and can receive help a max of 55 times/building.

Last Fortress Tip #9: Daily Reward.
1. Sign in every day to get great rewards.
2. Sign in on successive days to get even better rewards; can sign in max 7 days in a row.
3. Will reset after 7 days or if you miss a day.

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