Final Fantasy Awakening Cheats: Gift Codes & 5 Best Tips for Arena, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Final Fantasy Awakening by Freejoy/Efun for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Final Fantasy Awakening Tip #1: Arena.
Entrance: Lords can enter the Arena from the Drill Grounds.

Arena Rules
Opening Time: When you entered the Arena, you can see the countdown in the interface.
When the countdown is over, that round of competition ends and players will receive the rewards.
Ending time: After the countdown has finished, the arena will re-open after certain period of time (preparation stage.) The players can strengthen their power during the preparation stage.
Arena Ranking: Display the ranking and rewards of all the participated players.
Battle Report: Display all the arena related battles.
Troop Deployment: You can decide your troop formation, which dragon and hero to bring. After you have decided, you will bring these troops to the Arena. The troop amount depends on your single max march size.

Arena Gameplay
You need to deploy your troops when entering the arena for the first time.
You will bring them to the challenges on the arena.
You can scout other lords to see their solider, dragon and hero choice and modify your own formation.
You will have free attack times every day, when you have used all the free attacks, you can spend gold to buy or use items to obtain more attacking times.
When the attack begins, the battle scene will be shown to you, after watching it (or skip it), you will know whether you win or lose. Before attacking, you can use buff items to strengthen yourself.

Ranking Rule
After the arena opens, all joined players will have a number based on the entering time (eg, first enter = No.1)
Once troops are deployed, the player could attack the lords who have a higher ranking (smaller number), if the player wins, the ranking will switch; if the player loses, the current ranking remains. If the player chooses to attack a lower ranking lord, the results (win or lose) will not make any influence.

Arena Rewards
Attack Rewards: You will get rewards by attacking. Even failed attacks, you will still get a small reward.
Ranking Rewards: When a round of the arena countdown is over, the rewards will be sent to players based on the rankings. There might be a delay for receiving the rewards, please wait for a while.

Final Fantasy Awakening Tip #2: Kingdom Promotion Tournament.
1. Participation
- You can join the battle when lord’s castle reaches lv.16, enter it in the building “Drill Grounds”.
- You can check the points calculation time for each round of promotion Tournament. The tournament ends when the countdown is over.

2. Gameplay
- Before the battle, you have to deploy the attack and defend troop formation.
- The attack formation will be used when you are attacking, and the defending formation will be used when you are under attack.
- You will be matched with lords who have similar power, your troops will not be hurt no matter win or lose.
- When encounters a strong opponent, you can encourage your troop or choose to change to another group of opponents.

(Please note: the encouraging effect will disappear after the next victory or after the next day’s refresh, and will have no effect on the battle outside the arena!)

- You will have several free times for changing the opponents, if all used, you can spend gold or use items to gain more.
- After defeating all the existing opponents, a group of new opponents will be send to you automatically.
- You can obtain points during the battles, and you will be promoted when the points reaches the requirement for the next level.
- The points needed for level up will increase level by level, also you will get better prize.

3. Rewards

- Single battle rewards: obtain automatically after the battle no matter win or lose.
- Winning rewards: obtain automatically after you defeat all the opponents in the group.

(Please note: attacking failure will not affect your winning records, but the record will be reset if you refresh the opponents.)
- Level Rewards: calculated daily based on the lord’s level in the promotion tournament, collect the rewards in Mails – System
- Total winning rewards: calculated weekly based on the total wining battles of the week. You will get better rewards with more wins, collect the rewards in Mails – System

Final Fantasy Awakening Tip #3: Battle for Throne.
When Palace enters into Battle State, every lord can deploy troops to the Palace and Catapults.
If the Palace conqueror has joined the same Alliance as you, your troops will assist in protecting the Palace and Catapults after arriving at Palace, otherwise there will be a battle between you two.  
The max forces of the Palace and Catapults are determined by the troops number of conqueror and the level of Hall of War.

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