Hyper Heroes Cheats: Reedem Codes, 7 Events for Rewards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hyper Heroes for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Hyper Heroes Event #1: Daily Login Gifts.
Login during the event & win free heroes!
Pyro Monk on Day 2; Deer Cutie on day 3; Slashy Bushi on Day 7!

Hyper Heroes Event #2: 7-Day Special.
A series of time-limited events, offering a variety of challenging quests with epic rewards.

Hyper Heroes Event #3: Discount.
7-Day limited offer for rare items with additional discount for VIP players!

Event Rewards
Spicy Snack Event.
The rewards list refreshed daily at 5:00.

Hyper Heroes Event #4: Special Offer.
Both Diamond Boxes can be stacked for more daily diamonds, collect them all in Quests Panel.

Hyper Heroes Event #5: Brokenblade.
Top Up 60 Diamonds Today and Win Epic Gifts.
Accumulate for 5 days & get 4 star brokenblade.
Top Up 60 Diamonds today and get up to Day 5 Rewards.

Hyper Heroes Event #6: 1st Top Up Gift.
Free Hero: Lady Ray 3 Star.
High damage Output.
Direct Hit on Weak Spots.
Powerful AoE Skills.

Hyper Heroes Event #7: Gala Finale.
When the Gala ends, Gala Finale rewards will be sent by mails.
Complete Gala Events to win epic gifts.
All Gala Events will not be available after the event season ends,so be sure to claim your rewards in time.
The Gala Finale Reward will be generated based on the overall event completion, the more quest completed, the more rewards.

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