Campaign Clicker Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Multipliers, Votes Guide and Tricks

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Strategy Guide iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices for Campaign Clicker.

Tip #1: Objective
Tap the screen and invest in upgrades to earn votes for your party.
Your first goal is to earn enough votes to take the white house.

Tip #2: Time Limit
Every campaign only lasts only 24 Hours!
At the end of each day your votes are counted and the results are determined.

Tip #3: V.P.S
You can spend the votes you have collected to invest in upgrades.
Upgrades automatically generate votes even when you aren't playing the game.
This is indicated by V.P.S (Votes Per Second), displayed in the top left.

Tip #4: Multipliers and Vote Coins
Finishing a campaign Earns vote coins, these are permanent.
Every coin you have gives you extra votes at the start of a new campaign.
Collecting vote coins also earns multiplier tokens that multiply your V.P.S by the number you hold.

Tip #5: Landslides
Winning with 100% or more of the votes available earns you a landslide.
Each time any player in the world ears a landslide they add a point to the global landslide scoreboard for the party they are supporting.
Get landslides to show your support!

Tip #6: Quotes
The game uses real quotes from politicians. Some are in the game.
While others are streamed live from twitter.
Audience quotes can also be from players just like you!
This can be adjusted in the options.

Tip #7: Unlocks
Try to get as many votes as possible in 24 hours.
Achieving higher and higher targets unlocks new characters to play with and more and more vote coins!

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