Con Man: The Game Cheats: 6 Best Tips for CONmunity, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Con Man for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Con Man: The Game Tip #1: Booths and Sales.
Booths are the cornerstone of your convention; they're your main means of generating income.
You can only collect a booth's revenue once a it has depleted its stock completely.
A good way to keep a steady flow of money is to have booths of different sizes.
When out of order, a booth will start repairing itself, but it won't be making sales before it's fully restored.
Try speeding up the process!

Con Man: The Game Tip #2: CONmunity.
If you're looking for a way to take the pulse of your convention, the CONmunity feed is the place to start.
Every post has an impact your con's Hype, either negative or positive.
Attendees will notify you of any issues your con might have, and resolving these issues restores part of your Hype.

Con Man: The Game Tip #3: Hype.
Hype is impacted by the posts on your CONmunity feed.
The higher the Hype, the more visitors you get. Let it drop too low and people will stop coming.
To recover Hype, fix problems, make sales, open Con Bags, or trigger Wray's Fever mode.

Con Man: The Game Tip #4: Staff.
To run a smooth convention, you need a trustworthy staff.
There are 3 types of staff members: maintenance, security and promo.
Each type can be assigned to specific issues and tasks.
A staff member will be hired for a given number of iobs.
When their contract is over, you need to hire someone new.
Each staff type has a head of department who is permanently in your employment.

Con Man: The Game Tip #5: Event and Tasks.
Events and tasks are activities that can be resolved with the help of your staff.
They can pop up at any time and can be either positive, like a friendly post from Karen, or negative, like people scared away by vicious alien invaders.
Each situation can be resolved differently, either by assigning the appropriate staff member, by sending Superfans to battle, or by performing therequired action.

Con Man: The Game Tip #6: Superfans.
Ever had a group of vicious aliens wreak havoc in your convention?
Of course you have. Collect Superfan Buttons to unlock them and have them battle alien invaders.
Each Superfan has his or her very own power and 3 different costumes. You can make your
Superfans stronger by collecting more of their Buttons.
When they're not involved in intergalactic skirmishes, they like to stroll around your convention, taking pictures with fans and entertaining them. Great folks, those Superfans!

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