Rage of Warrior Cheats: Codes, 3 Best Tips for Battle, Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Rage of Warriors for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Rage of Warrior Tip #1: Battle Tips.
Release next skill when enemy falls to the right position. This will increase floating time.
When combo number reaches 40, Super Combo state will be activated with extra damage additions.
Pay attention to enemy's falling position and have another attack.
Super combo state evolve. Extra damage will apply as super combo number increases.
Fury ball appears when fury slot is full. Cut the ball from any direction, powerful fury skill will be released.
Tap auto icon to fight automatically.
Watch out if you can't beat the enemies, tap the assistant hero button below to turn around critical situation.

Rage of Warrior Tip #2: Improving Heroes.
Hero Tavern is the place to summon heroes.
Use Tie card to enhance your hero.
When a tie relation is activated, hero's tie attributes will be improved!
Use Exp Pill to level up heroes.
You can upgrade a hero once the bar is full.
Tap to use EXP pills to increase hero's exp.
When 4 tie relations are activated, tap the highlighted "upgrade" button to upgrade hero's class.
Level up stars will greatly increase hero's power!
When token bar is full, you can level up hero stars!
If you collected enough hero tokens, you can summon a new hero.
When hero token numbers meet requirement, just summon a new hero.
Hero Skill improvement will greatly increase hero's power.
Max Upgrade to upgrade skill to the highest level available, Max Upgrade All is available for VIP users only.
Choose an armor component to enhance, tap max enhance to enhance armor component to the highest level available.
Choose an armor component to forge, When forged armor's grade will be improved and so is hero's power.

Rage of Warrior Tip #3: Fairyland and Arena.
You can have real-time interaction with other players in Fairyland.
Pick a fairy fruit and taste it! Tap that to exchange fairy fruit for resources.
Different fairy fruit can exchange different rewards. Golden fruit can exchange rare rewards.
Defeat fairyland guard and keep a close eye on your fairy fruits.
Progress won't be shown in Fairyland's battle. But you can check out the detailed result.
Picking fruit will consume fairy plate, which can be recovered one per hour. You can also get more fairy plates from daily task.
You can compete with other players in Arena.
Beat any players available in arena to rank higher.
When team levels up to 15, another 3 heroes can be placed in 3 substitute array.

Redeem Codes: 1mcoins.

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