Ginger Rangers Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Weapons and Levels, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Ginger Rangers for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Ginger Rangers Tip #1: Character Unlock Missions.
Each unshockable character has a set of missions that must be completed in order to unlock that character.
Character unlock missions become available after increasing your stage and satisfying certain conditions.

Ginger Rangers Tip #2: Weapon Trader.
You can trade coins or trader items for weapons. The weapon trader sometimes offers weapons that cannot be obtained anywhere else.
Weapon Trader becomes available when you reach a certain level.
Some weapons are available only for a limited time.

Ginger Rangers Tip #3: Max Bottle.
Bottle provides the weakest damage out of all primary weapon or grandpa's power but it's ammo are unlimited.
Unlike other weapons that needs ammunition in order to be use, Bottle can be use without limitations, perfect for rapid firing enemy mobs.
Ammunition for other weapons are expensive but very effective and deadly but you need to save those coins for future powerful weapons.
Having an upgraded bottle is still good enough to have progress and beat levels, you just need to hit enemies accurately.
Just avoid upgrading or buying ammunition if you don't have a maximum upgrade of bottle first.
Because a maximum upgraded bottle gives you decent damage for higher levels and you can switch with other weapons to finish weakened enemies or to survive in clutch situations.
Higher levels gives higher amount of coins, having maximum upgraded bottle is helpful to get a lot of coins very fast.

Ginger Rangers Tip #4: Winning The Game.
The game is won by conquering all the levels in the cowboy land and ending the curse of perpetual summer.
After winning, you will be given the option of staring over with a new party, or continuing with your party against a fresh set of levels.
Your first few victories will unlock new characters and secret weapons.

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