Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Duels, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links by KONAMI for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Tip #1: Standard & Legendary Duelists.

Standard Duelists.

These are Duelists that possess an average Duel skill level.
Standard Duelists will disappear after you Duel them, but will respawn as time passes.

1. Auto Duel.

When Dueling with a Standard Duelist, you will have the option to use the Auto-Duel function.
With this feature, Duels will unfold automatically using your pre-sat active Deck, and the results will be reflected in terms of mission progress and rewards.
[Auto-Duel] will become available once you reach a certain Stage.

2. Duel Orbs.

Use the specified number of Duel Orbs to call forth the maximum possible number of Standard Duelists for one lime.

3. Boosted Duel Orbs.

Boosted Duel Orbs are special Duel Orbs that can be purchased in the Shop.
These allow you to continually call forth the maximum possible number of Standard Duelists for a limited amount of time.
Note that the countdown begins immediately after purchase.

Legendary Duelists.

These are Legendary Duelists who will appear at the Gate in Duel World.
They will pop up on the Map. Or they can be directly called forth to the Gate by using Gate Keys
You may obtain powerful cards as rewards when Dueling with Legendary Duelists. (Each Duelist yields different cards as rewards.)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Tip #2: PvP Duel.

Build your Deck using the cards you've obtained. In the PvP Arena, you'll engage in PvP Duels with global Duelists.
Aim to be the mightiest Duelist!
PvP Duels are in real-time. We recommend playing in a location with a stable and strong connection.

The following options are available in PvP Mode:
-Casual Duels
-Ranked Duels
-Friend Duels
-Duel Replays
Special Duel modes may be offered during events, in addition to the above options.
‘Available only once you have reached a certain Stage.

PvP Modes (Details)
-Casual Duels
Take on a fellow Duelist randomly selected for your online Duel.
Please note that PvP Duels have a time limit and exceeding that limit will result in a compulsory loss.
-Practice Duels
Practice Dueling against an AI opponent that will use a Deck belonging to a player you Dueled with in the past.
-Ranked Duels
Duel against closely ranked Duelistsl Prove victorious in Duels to climb up the leaderboard ranks!
-Friend Duels
Duel against Friends in your Friend List. You can send a challenge simply by selecting any Friend from your listl

Ranked Duel Details

Get matched with an equally ranked Duelist and Rank up through victories. Hone your skills and try out a Ranked Duel!

Availab!e Ranks & Rewards
By winning a certain number of Ranked Duels, players are promoted through the Ranks listed below and earn rewards:

Rookie 1
Rookie 2 (15 Gems)
Rookie 3 (15 Gems)
Bronze 1 (50 Gems) (Bronze Icon)
Bronze 2 (15 Gems)
Bronze 3 (15 Gems)
Bronze 4 (15 Gems)
Bronze 5 (15 Gems)
Silver 1 (50 Gems) (Silver Icon)

Rank Demotion
Losing a certain amount of Duels will result in being demoted. However, Rookie 1 through Bronze 5 ranks and the King of Games Hank will not be demoted through losses.

Rank Resets
Each Ranked Duels session is held for set period of time.
Duelists that are ranked at Silver Rank 1 and above will be reset to Silver Rank 1 at the start of the next session.

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