Big City by Nimblebit Cheats: 5 Best Tips for City, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

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Big City by Nimblebit for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Big City Tip #1: Big City Basics.
Our job is to build cities around the world for our citizens to live, work and play in!
Tap an empty lot and pick any zone type to start the city progress.
Frequently tap the yellow build button to build higher level buildings which earn more money.
We can also upgrade upgrade our entire city to earn more money.
Tap on the Blue City Hall Button or the City Hall Building and invest in an upgrade!
We could use some cars! Cars can earn coins passively and also spawn coin bonuses!

Big City Tip #2:City Center
It’s the most important building for players in the game and provides city overview.
It has the highest level among all buildings for a player.
It symbolizes the strength of a player.

City Center is the first building in a city. All your other buildings will be centered around it. The City Center of your first city is auto built.
You need to build City Centers for other cities with MCV.
The initial level of City Center is 1. Its level is auto increased with your city level.

Big City Tip #3: About City Level.
1.The level of a city is decided by its population, which is decided by the city's food output;
2.The level of a city decides how many grids it can occupy. The max number of grids of a city is no more than its level*2;
3.You can increase your city population by boosting its food output, so that the city will occupy more grids. Or, you can buy extra grids with diamonds.

Big City Tip #4: Building Sub-Cities.
You can migrate to a grid if: the grid is not occupied;
There is no other cities within a 3-grid radius;
There is no army stationed on the grid; You have a MCV in any city;
When you arrive, all the above conditions are still met.
Otherwise the immigrants will return to where they come from.

Big City Tip #5:Clearing and Abilities of a City.
When a city occupies a grid, you must first clear the grid before you can build anything on it.
When a grid is occupied for the first time, you can tap the grid to clear the it manually.
You can clear it for three times, Each time there is a 0.5s progress bar before items drop. You can collect them manually.

Each city has four basic attributes: food output, manufacture capacity, gold coin output and research capacity.
These four attributes depend on the grid where the city is built and the buildings in the city.
Techs will influence a city, grid and the buildings.

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