Guardians of Fantasy Cheats: Package Codes & 3 Best Tips for Skills, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

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Guardians of Fantasy for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Guardians of Fantasy Tip #1: Soulstone.
You can get Soulstones from Raid.
Soulstones increase your character stats and maximize your skill effects.
There are three types of Soulstones: Stat Soulstones, Skill Soulstones, and
Special Soulstones.
- Stat Soulstones: Increase your character stats.
- Skill Soulstones: Increase your character stats and skill stats or increase the number of skill projectiles.
- Special Soulstones: Add a special ability.

You can equip or unequip Soulstones in slots.
If you replace a Soulstone, you will lose the Soulstone that was previously mounted in the slot.
You need to spend Gold to unequip a Soulstone. Then it won't be lost.

Polish a Soulstone to unlock hidden options.
You need Gold and Soul Powder to polish a Soulstone.
You have a chance at unlocking hidden options if you polish a Soulstone.
If a hidden option unlocks during 10 continuous polishes, the process will be aborted.

You can increase the grade of polished Soulstones by upgrading.
You can use Souistones of the same grade or type as upgrade materials
You need upgrade materials, Gold, and Soul Powder to upgrade things.
Stats on the Soulstone increase if you upgrade it.

You need a fixed amount of Soulstones to fuse them, regardless of the grade or type.
You need fusion materials, Gold, and Soul Powder to fuse things.
There are certain Soulstones that can only be acquired through fusion.

Guardians of Fantasy Tip #2: Skills.
There are 3 types of skills: active, passive, and special skills.
- Active skills deals more damage than basic attacks.
- Passive skills increase the basic stats of your character.
- Special skills consist of dash skills and buff skills for you or party

Each character can have up to 3 active skills and a special skill.
It costs nothing to equip or unequip skills.
Skills are unlocked when your character reaches a certain level.
The higher the character level, the higher the skill attack.
The more skill points spent, the higher the skill attack.

Use skill points to enhance skills.
You need skill points to level up skills.
You can get 1 skill point per character level.
You can buy as many skill points as your character level with Gems.
You can still use the skill points you've purchased even if you reset your skills.
The skill points you've purchased will be bound to your character.
You can reset the skill points used on a certain skill with Gold.
You can place your skills in any arrangement using Set A and Set B.
You can place your skills as you like with Skill Settings.

Guardians of Fantasy Tip #3: Equip Refinement.
1. Refinement has a very high chance to improve the base attributes of Equip.
The items required include Gold, Refinement Stones and Refinement Scrolls.
2. Equip refinement level cannot exceed those of the character.
3. The refinement level cannot exceed the limit. items of better quality has higher limit.
4. Refinement Metastone is required when certain milestone is reached.
5. High quality Equip inherit the refinement level of low quality items so you can comfortably start with easier-to-obtain items.
6. "One-Click Refinement" allows player to complete refinement fast.

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