Logres: Japanese RPG Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Lotto & Events, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Logres: Japanese RPG for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Logres: Japanese RPG  Tip #1: Lotto.
Lotto Draw
You can acquire various, powerful items by drawing the Lotto.
In order to draw the Lotto, Crystals or Poro are required.

Hero Box Lotto

The Hero Box Lotto contains a finite number of items.
Drawing from this box diminishes the number of items left inside, making it possible to get all the items inside the box.
Compared to the “Pioneer Lotto”, it can be easier to get desired items.
You can reset the Box at any time, to draw from the beginning and have a chance of drawing desired items again.

Warrior Box Lotto

Get strong Weapons perfect for the “Warrior” Job!
Weapons like “Glaive” and “Ghost War Blade” will give you the necessary power to diminish your enemies!

Crusader Box Lotto

A defender of the weak? An advocate of justice? A valiant “Crusader” needs a Champion’s weapon!
With weapons like “Imperial Sword” and “Sigmund” you can crush even the most powerful opponent with a single blow!

Necromancer Box Lotto

Even the most cunning “Necromancer” is only as great as his staff of power!
Select from a magical arsenal like “Empath Scepter” and “Gandarve” to eradicate your adversaries with explosive spells!

Samurai Box Lotto

A masterful swordsman with a code of honor and pure soul! The “Samurai” is reflected by the brilliantly keen blades he is carrying!
Draw weapons like “Shishio” or “Moonhaze” , and you will have the power to cut down your enemies with a powerful slash!

Breaker Box Lotto

Choose to become a “Breaker” and you become a formidable warrior unparalleled in both strength and combat!
With mighty weapons like “Warsong” or “Bergelmir“, break through your enemy’s defenses with effortless ease!

Crystal Lotto

By using Crystals, you can infinitely draw from the Crystal Lotto, in order to get strong items for jobs like “Samurai”, “Fighter”, “Knight”, “Ranger”, “Priest” and “Magician”.
Remember to check the Probability and Content on the Lotto Lineup Announcement!

Poro Lotto

You can infinitely draw from the Poro Lotto by using Poro.
Compared to Lottos that use Crystals, the chance of getting rare items in the Poro Lotto is lower.
You can also draw “Costume” equipment through the Cherry Lotto!

Logres: Japanese RPG  Tip #2: Crusader Road “Ancient King” Event Guide.
Event Details

“Ancient King” will be available under “Rushmere” tab’s Special Quest.
Climb up the difficulty level of the Ancient King quests all by yourself and get extravagant rewards!

・Monsters appearing in this event have high ATK power and it will be easier to mitigate their attacks by buffing your Max HP and keeping your HP full during battles.
Make use of “Divine Armor sets” to reduce incoming damage as well!

Event Rewards

・Evolve Materials
・Champion Equipment Set

Logres: Japanese RPG  Tip #3: Strongman’s Quests Event Guide.

Event Details

Defeat the Darkspawn of the weekly rotating Strongman’s Quests and be rewarded with UR weapons!

Strongman’s Judgement

Only by facing “Soul Purger Liberia” will your warrior spirit be judged!
Defeat her and receive “UR Scarlet Sickle“!

●Event Rewards
・Evolve Materials
・UR Scarlet Sickle

Strongman’s Devotion

Only by defeating “God Destroyer Gurumi” will faith in the Goddesses be restored!
Win the battle and receive “UR Ritual Wand“!

●Event Rewards
・Weapon Evolve Materials
・UR Ritual Wand

Strongman’s Swiftness

Only by vanquishing “Shadow Archer Streiff” will you prove your mettle!
Defeat him and obtain “UR Streiff Bow“!

●Event Rewards
・Evolve Materials
・UR Streiff Bow

Strongman’s Sanity

Only by beating “Corrupted Saint Cyllene” will your fortitude be strengthened!
Beat her and gain “UR Death’s Disciple“!

●Event Rewards
・Evolve Materials
・UR Death’s Disciple

Strongman’s Valor

Only by beating “Master of Swordplay Aspida” will your courage be vindicated!
Overcome this Trial and receive “UR Ghost Serpent“!

●Event Rewards
・Evolve Materials
・UR Ghost Serpent

Attribute Trial Event Guide.
Event Details

“Fire“, “Water“, “Wind“, “Earth“, “Light“, “Dark” Trials and “Metal Hunter” will be available daily.
Aside from getting Crystals, get “Rarity Rank Up Material” and “Evolve Weapon Material” rewards in Attribute Trials, and gain tons of EXP in “Metal Hunter“!

※Defeating Incarnations in Attribute Trial will drop at least 1 Particle.

Weekly Schedule (PST)【05/25(THU)UPDATED】

Schedule Attribute
Monday Earth
Tuesday Water
Wednesday Fire
Thursday         Metal Hunter
Friday Wind
Saturday         Dark
Sunday Light.

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