Mafia Revenge Cheats: Coupon Number Codes & 6 Best Tips for Cards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Mafia Revenge - Real-Time PvP by 4:33 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Mafia Revenge Tip #1: Battle Tips.
1. Character’s/Vehicle's health
— Winner/loser is determined when character's health bar hits 0.
— If the vehicle loses all its health, negative effect comes in effect
— Buff;/debuff icon pops up under the vehicle's health bar.

2. Changing weapons.
— Changes current weapon to secondary weapon.
— The skills also changes when this function activates.

3. Shooting system.
— Each weapon has different crosshairs.
— For sniper rifles, aims down The scope when clicked, shoots when released.

4. Call for help.
— Gauge fills up quicker when you shoot the enemy or have been shot.
— Franklin gets out of his seat and starts to fight alongside.

5. Skills.
— Use The skill of current weapon.
— Cool-time exists for This function

6. Tossing grenade.
— Toss grenade at The enemy, causing massive damage.
— Cool-time for this function exists.

7. Reload button.
— You may reload your weapon by pressing here.
— You have unlimited number of ammo, but reload is necessary.

8. Emotes.
— Press the icon between the two health bars, and list of available icon will appear as you can see.
— Each character has different images.

Mafia Revenge Tip #2: Member Tips.
1. All Members
— Possessing members and member’s details can be checked here.
— Each section can be leveled up after obtaining all members in group

2. Completing Member Collection
— Collect all members in the same group and additional "Overall Bonus" can be obtained.
— "Overall Bonus" can be upgraded even further!

3. Additional buff bonus can be checked
— Players can get even more additional "Overall Bonus" by upgrading them

4. Member introduction.
— More details about The character can be checked our by clicking on the portrait.

5. How to obtain Members
— Open a "Story Box".
— Win "Story Mode".
— Purchase "Story Box" Through Black Money.

Mafia Revenge Tip #3: Area Tips.
1. Areas
— There are total of 6 Areas to manage, and These can be unlocked by completing certain chapters.
— More income can be gained when the area levels up.
— Each area takes different time to finish and grant different amount of rewards.

2. Level-up for Area Management
— Longer it takes to finish each section, more Exp. and Gold are rewarded

3. Bingo
— Bingo card can be rewarded depending on the numbers that each members have and they can be used to obtain additional rewards.

Mafia Revenge Tip #4: Weapon Tips.
1. Equipped Weapon
— Change/Upgrade for weapons can be done after clicking them.
— 1st and 2nd weapon shows the weapons that the player has equipped
— Gun with “Driver” label shows the weapon that Franklin is armed with.

2. Relationship with the company
— Players gain points for the company when they upgrade the weapon.
— Addition bonus is given depending on the level of relationship.

3. Arms Manufacturer
— Arms can be checked by companies.
— Certain arms can be unlocked when certain tier is reached.

4. Weapon Info
— Weapon level, characteristic, skill and details can be checked out on this section
— Firearm's firepower can be enhanced by using Gun mod.

5. Gun Mod.
- Add Gun Mod parts on this section to upgrade The weapon to the next level!

Mafia Revenge Tip #5: Talent Tips.
— On Talent section, you may upgrade additional stats however you like.
— Some of them may be obtained by purchasing character's outfit or car skins.

2. Page
— You may check or select your Talent according to your own taste.
— Total of 21 Talents are available, some of talents can be unlocked by upgrading some previous talents.
— Resetting the talent is absolutely free, so players can come up with different strategy.

Mafia Revenge Tip #6: Gun Mods Tips.
1. Gun Mods
— Players may enhance the stats of their weapons by adjusting "Gun Mods” in their firearms.
— Gun Mods slots can be unlocked by reaching certain levels with the weapon.
— Each slots are unlocked at LV 4, LV 8, LV 15.

2. Changing Gun Mods
— List of available parts (Gun Mods) appears when The empty slots is clicked
— Gun Mods already-in-use cannot be used on other firearms.

3. Details about Gun Mods (Parts)
— Basic stats, additional stats and Into about the current weapon can be checked here
— Stats increase when upgraded.

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