Summoner's Tales Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Improving, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Summoner's Tales for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Summoner's Tales Tip #1: Weapon.
-Weapon Advance requires Advance Stone.
The level of Advance Stone rises with the level of Weapon.
-The Advance Stone of the same level can be fused.
Deed of Gods the place for Advance Stone, team up!

-Refine Stone is required to refine Weapon.
Deed of Gods is the best place for Refine Stone, team up!

-Inherit is free.
-The Advance Level of the same weapons can also be inherited for free.

Summoner's Tales Tip #2: Mount.
-Players can own several mounts, but only 1 can be deployed at a time.
-Mounts enjoy independent stats, except for MSPD, deployed mount grant 100%, while undeployed mounts only grant 50%.
-Players can use M.Food to increase stats.
-Players can only promote currently selected mount.
-M.Food can be obtained from Elemental Hunter.
-Mount level can't exceed lv.20 above character's level.
Upgrade to a certain level can change appearance.

-Mount can equip 6 pieces of Harness, shared by all mounts.
-Max quality of Harness is Orange, quality will be elevated accordingly.
-Harness can be obtained by craft.
-Players may replace any unwanted stat with Reforge Stone.

-Harness can be obtained by crafting.
-Stats of Harness will be randomly assigned.
-To craft Harness, it takes jade, Silk, Timber, Iron Nail, Wire,Leather. Different Harness requires different items.
-Items can be obtained from weekly dungeon Hymn of Lava.

Summoner's Tales Tip #3: Wings.
Wings Upgrade:
-Upgrade a stat. After reaching the limit, wings can be Boosted.
-There will be limit on each stat. The limit can be lifted by Boost.
-Upgrade wings requires runes. can be obtained from Tower of Courage end other events.

Morph Wings:
-Once wings are upgraded, the quality will be raised, and the Appearance will be granted
Once the Appearance is activated. the Appearance Stats will be granted
-The Appearance can be switched, however, the wings stats won't be influenced

-Spirit Stone can be used to socket wings for more stats
Spirit Stone with higher quality has higher chance to boost stats
'Spirit Stone can be obtained from Battle of Noah

Summoner's Tales Tip #4: Back Up.
Backup from other player.
Other player's captain will join your battle as a backup.
Every time you start the battle in Campaign mode, backup request is automatically sent to:
1. Your allies who just recently log in.
2. Non-Ally users who just recently log in.

If backup's level is higher than your lord level, backup's level will be decreased to match your lord level.

Self Back Up.
Sometime backup comes for your random warrior who is not assigned to any squad.

The more you have warriors, the higher the chance that your own warrior will be your back up.

Summoner's Tales Tip #5: Using Fast Pass like a Boss.
You  can spend and item called "fast pass" to instantly go through a stage in campaign mode.
*You must be lord lv. 20 to use fast pass.

To use fast pass, tap on the stage you wish to play then tap on [Use Fast Pass] button.
You can go through each stage 10 times t most for easy difficulty.
You still need to spend food.

How to get Fast Pass:
*Buy it with Gems.
*Get it as dropped item from daily dungeon.
*Get it from Login Bonus.
*Get it from some Traders.

Summoner's Tales Tip #6: Raid Boss.
You can tap button from raid alert screen to jump into raid boss fight immediately.
You can also fight raid boss that other player has discovered.
If you want to join other players raid boss fight, you must spend BP.

When you enter Raid boss lobby, you will assemble a squad right before engaging the raid boss.
After the battle ends, the remaining HP, Skill gauge and status effect are carried over to the next battle.
You can challenge the raid boss as many times as you like.
The fight ends when the boss retreats or you have no warrior who can fight left.