Dragon Nest 2 Legend Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Improving Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dragon Nest 2 Legend by NEXON for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dragon Nest 2 Legend Tip #1: Runes System.
Runes Building: Temple of Runes, the mysterious Runes are kept in the Temple of Runes, upgrade it to increase the upper limit of Runes.
How to obtain the Runes: Once meets the requirement, the Runes will be unlocked automatically, and gain the basic attributes bonus directly.
Runes Basic Attributes: Each Rune has two basic attributes, and you can improve them by upgrade the Runes.
Runes Upgrade: Cost certain item to upgrade the Runes Level and unlock their random attributes, please note that the maximum level is decided by the level of Temple of Runes.

Runes Random Attributes: Each Rune has maximum 4 random attributes and each rune can get different random attributes and bonus effects.
Attribute Purify:
1. You can spend certain items to purify the random attributes and get different or stronger random attributes.
2. You can lock the random attributes that you don’t want to purify, if so, each purify will cost extra gold.
3. The locked attributes cannot be replaced by any new attributes.
4. For each purify, you need to “Save” to activate the latest attribute, and then the new attributes will replace the old ones.
5. Please note! The unsaved the new attributes and locked state will be clear every time you exit the purification.

Dragon Nest 2 Legend Tip #2: Blacksmith.
The blacksmith will be unlocked when the castle reaches level 5, it is for forging equipment and synthesizing material.

2.Equipment forging
-synthesize equipment-
Use forging material to synthesize equipment. The quality of the equipment about to forge will be shown at the lower part of the UI when you forge, also you can choose to use special items to get chance to forge some high quality equipment.
-equipment effect-
Wearing same level equipment gives corresponding set attributes.

3.Forging material
You can get forging material by gathering, killing monsters,finish mission in adventure guild and in the Tomb Raider.

The equipment can be decomposed into random amount of its forging material

Dragon Nest 2 Legend Tip #3: Guild of Explorers.
In the explorer association, with the improvement of construction level to unlock more explorer, you can choose all kinds of explorer to serve for you according to your demand.
Each task will get different rewards with the task of quality and time consuming task change, quick to choose belong to your explorer, open the adventure!

Guild of Explorers Rewards.
You can get two kinds of rewards in Guild of Explorers:Lord Experience;Items such as resource and speedups and so on.
You will get the same amount of Experience as you sought,but the amount of items you get is random,sometimes you could get ZERO items,please notice.

Dragon Nest 2 Legend Tip #4: Earning Free Gold!
There are lots of ways to earn gold coins!
You will earn gold coins when you: complete important quests participate in Timed Events.
Bind your account for first time claim your daily supplies from the harbor (after logging in daily for a while).
Stay connected a long time at once (also from daily supplies) go up a lord/monarch level invite your friends using the gold chest.
Kill a certain level of monster for the first time (with a chance to earn gold again in future battles).
Receive a gift coming from the thrones king
Spin the roulette of fortune (gold coins are one of the many prizes!)
Recharge using money (often there will be great deals where you can get additional gold with your purchase!).

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