Wrath of Dragon Cheats: Gift Coupon Codes & Best Tips for Dragons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Support super-fast leveling of heroes and private terrorists!
Become a personal hireman from Hero and become a Hero Counselor from mercenary soldiers.
You can improve with 4 categories, 12 characters.

The most important battle for victory! Exit combo and combo action!
Improve your skills through skills and work together with many activities.
Good game planning, combo and reaction

Strategies work with many different types of battles!
Fight against your global rivals You are doing high scores and rankings to determine your gifts that help your hero's talents.
You will not get bored because of many wars; 1: 1 Hero War, 3: 3 Warfare, Boss Red, Guild War, Unlimited Farming Basement and so on.

Different types of games allow you to play again and again
There are many more that you can support your guild, challenge against other players, and much more.
To add more to the free and up-to-date update gameplay you will add new character heroes, mercenaries, points and more.

Start with adventure, join the city!
The city is open to all players; You can work with other players, guild members. Apart from this you can complete a special mission.

Choose a great RPG with the soldiers of four heroes and 300 different mercenaries
Build your party with more than 20 types of skills and knowledge of mercenaries.