Trillionia Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Gatcha, Prebattle, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Trillionia by Skytree Digital Limited for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Trillionia Tip #1: Cards.
The unit contained in the deck is not coming out during the Battle.
A deck consists of total 30 unit cards, and 30 cards in the deck appear randomly during the battle.
As the cards contained in the deck appear randomly, you must wait until the unit card is available before you can use the particular unit
Tap a card, then tap on one of the five boxes of the deck to edit your deck.

Can multiple chests be opened up at the same time?
You can get free chests once every 4 hours (up to 2), and earn one battle chest from winning 5 Battles.

There are four different types of battle chest and these are Common Chest, Rare Chest, Hero Chest, and Legendary Chest, and only one chest can be opened at one time.
To open up the chests, Common Chest takes 3 hours, Rare Chest takes 8 hours, Hero Chest takes 12 hours, and Legendary Chest takes 12 hours.
Open the chests that take a long time to open before you go to sleep.

There for five types of units and these are: Human, Machine, Animal, Building, and Support.
Each unit type are divided into four ranks, which are Common, Rare, Hero, and Legendary.
Legendary units are extremely hard to obtain, but it occasionally comes out from any type of chests (except for Lieutenant Chest and Colonel Chest). If you play hard, you will get the legendary units soon.
The Marshal Chest purchased with the gems contains at least one legendary unit.

Trillionia Tip #2: Preparation.
These Cards will be available to all players as usable common cards.
Check Back at 00:00 GMT +8 for daily updates.
Tap on the blue button on the right side of the screen to select another hero or change a deck.
Your deck can be edited in the [Deck] Page.
Artifacts can be equipped in the Hero Page.
You can buy or craft [Boost Items], which grant you bonuses at the start of the game.

Use the newly build deck in the Battle.
To use the deck you have built, click the “My Decks” button displayed on the right of the “Battle” button (red border in the image below), and select the deck you would like to use.

Trillionia Tip #3: Gacha
Tap on [open all] or [Skip] to skip Gacha Results.
Duplicate cards are stored in your inventory.
You can exchange them for new cards at the Well of Hope.

What are Free Gacha Tickets?
You receive a free gacha ticket everyday at 00:00 GMT+8.
The higher your VIP rank, the more cards you will get from  the gacha.
Upon reaching a certain VIP level, Deluxe Daily Gacha will be unlocked.

What are the Gacha odds?
3 Star Card 75%
4 Star Card 20%
5 Star Card 4%
6 Star Card 1%

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