Squad Brawl Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Brawling, Strategy Guide for Android, iOS Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Squad Brawl by Enjoymi for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) Mobile Game

Squad Brawl Tip #1: you need to collect powerups early from loot boxes and enemy soldiers. 
Enemy soldiers are weak and easy to kill, it will give you a random powerups that may help you throughout the game. 
Same with loot boxes, voth are easy to kill or destroy compared to tanks and players.

Just keep collecting powerups from loot boxes and enemies and avoid players at early stage of the game unless it is really needed.

Squad Brawl Tip #2 Save your ultimate skill for late game or when you are on low health.
When you use your ultimate skill, you need to fill the round bar for you to be able use the ultimate skill again. 
So use it when it is really needed specially at late game.

Ultimate skill can change the outcome in favor to you when you successfully hit the enemy or enemies. 
So it is better to use it in duel or 1on1

Squad Brawl Tip #3: you can use ultimate skill on enemies that are busy fighting each other. 

Squad Brawl Tip #4: when you are on low health, you just need to escape from the attacker and look for health powerups as soon as possible. 
You don't need to kill the enemy specially if you think you cannot beat him, you just need to recover and look for health and other powerups to be able to fight at good condition.

Squad Brawl Tip #5: you can recover your lost health slowly when you are not being attacked. 
So you don't really need to go in a battle all the time. 
Just keep surviving and fight only when it is really needed.