Heroes Charge Guide: Chests and Other Tips and Strategy

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Daily Events
Finish your Daily Events as soon as possible to enjoy it's benefits.
  • Instance Killer: Awards: Team Exp x 120 and 3 Exp Potions.
  • Arena Lovers: Team Exp x 120 and 3 Exp Potions.
  • Free Stamina: Free 60 Stamina from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM.
  • Pumped: Team Exp x 80.
  • Monthly Card: 200 Gems every day.
There are 2 types of Chests:

  • Bronze Chest: You can get 5 bronze daily for free with 10 mins cooldown interval or pay 10,000 coins and get bronze instantly!
  • Gold Chests: You can get 1 gold chest for every 48 hours or pay 288 coins to get gold chest instantly!

Raid Tickets
Use Raid Tickets to get instant coins,exp and most importantly gears/recipes to improve/promote your heroes. However you can only use raid tickets to the stages that you already passed or finished.

Time Rift
There are 2 Stages for Time Rift:

  • Tidal Temple: You can get potions to increase your heroes EXP.
  • Dwarf Arsenal (Opens on Tues, Thu, Sat and Sun at 5:00 AM: You can get Metal Element, Power of Gold and Mithril Gear.
Inventory Items
Gears: Can be equip to your heroes increase it's stats or being promoted. Some gears may use as a recipe to create more powerful Gears. You can also sell it to gain coins.
Reel: Craft Materials.
Stones: Hero Souls used to summon a Hero. Can also be used to evolve heroes.

  • Exp Potion/Salve: Use to increase your hero experience.
  • Tickets: Used for instantly raiding.
  • Mithril Gears: Durable mechanical parts that can be sold to merchants in exchange for gold.
  • Metal Element
  • Power of Gold