Immortal Odyssey Tips: Enhancing, Quests and Other Guides and Strategy

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Immortal Odyssey Tips 

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Enhancing equipment will increase its basic attributes. Enhancing requires Heat, which can be generated by melting useless equipment.

Each piece of equipment has a specific level and class requirement. Only characters who meet the equipment requirements are able to equip it.

Most of the equipment attributes are random. You may get better equipment in the same rank.

Quests will improve your progress in the game. Finishing a quest will provide you with lots of rewards.

Main Quests
Main quests are designed to follow the storyline; they are the core missions of the game. Advancing the main story quests will unlock new functions, dungeons and cities.

Side Quests
Side quests can be unlocked by proceeding through the main quests. They will provide a lot of rewards if you manage to finish them.

Daily Quest
You can complete the Daily Quest every day. This is an important way to get experience in the game. The Daily Quests will be refreshed every day at 6:00.