Angry Birds Fight! Tips Cheats: Birds, Ships and Other Guides and Strategy

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Angry Birds Fight! for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Strengthening Your Birds

How do I unlock all the birds?
Each bird has a specific condition for unlocking it:
Chuck: Clear the tutorial
Blues: Battle 30 times
Bomb: Collect 30 items
Matilda: Defeat 10 Challenge bosses earning three stars
Stella: unknown (coming soon)
You can also unlock birds immediately by using gems.

How do I make my birds stronger?
There are two ways to strengthen your birds:
1. Fight in battles, collect EXP, and level up
2. Equip stronger hats, weapons and accessories

What is a bird level?
When you collect the required amount of EXP, your bird will level up.
The higher your birds’ level, the attack and defense you can get in a battle.
Your birds will also be able to handle more weight, which will allow you to equip higher rank items.

Equipment and Ship Parts

What are item ranks?
An item has one of five ranks: C,B,A,S,SS in ascending order of strength.
Items of A Rank and above can only be acquired by playing the Slot or participating in certain in-game events.

What is item skill?
Certain equipment or ship parts may have an advantageous skill associated with them. These skills include:
Angry panels appearing randomly
Fever Time being extended
You can tap on the skill icon on your item view to see an item's skill.

How do I enhance my high rank items?
Items of S Rank and above can be enhanced via the Item Box.
You can use coins to increase their stats.
You can enhance them up to 3 times.

What if my items are too heavy?
If an item is too heavy, your bird might not be able to equip it!
However, the more you level up your birds, the more weight they can carry.
If you want to increase the weight capacity of your ship, you need to level up all your birds.
The higher the total level of your birds, the more weight your ship can carry.

What is the item box?
You can view all your items in the item box.
Oh, My Item Box is full...
There is a limit to how many items you can store in your Item Box at a time.
You can sell any unwanted items for coins.
When you unlock a new bird or use gems to expand your Item Box, its capacity will increase.

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