Jurassic World: The Game Guide Cheats: Evolution, Amber and Other Tips and Strategy

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Jurassic World: The Game for iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Jurassic World: The Game Guide

Dinosaurs eat either meat or crops. You can order each food type at the meat harbor and the crop harbor respectively. Food will cost less if you activate a harbor for short amounts of time. If you're about to leave, you may want to activate it for longer periods of time so you have lots of food when you return! 

When you clear a new expansion, there will be leftover debris. Clearing this debris may reveal amber containing dinosaur DNA! You can unlock the new species of dinosaur trapped in the amber at the research center. 

At the research center, you need to complete the research gauge to unlock the new species. Each research attempt must line up three DNA symbols to generate progress. When you get a partial result, you can re-spin a single symbol to improve your odds of completing a set of three. You can also invite friends who will help you with part of the progress for free! 

When a dinosaur reaches level 10, he will be available for evolution research. Evolution research is much like amber research, except it will give you an improved specimen of the dinosaur! Another evolution research will be available at level 20, 30. 

A panel, by the side of the dinosaurs’ cages, will indicate the level of evolution at which they currently are by displaying stars. Every time that a dinosaur gains a new level of evolution, a new star will shine bright on the panel. 

Touch the road button to enter road editing mode. While Add is active, touching an empty space of ground will add a piece of road. While Remove is active, any piece of road touched will disappear. If the road is long enough, cars full of visitors will appear at the entrance! 

Once your park has at least five carnivores in fenced habitats, you will need to pay special attention to security. The Code Red gauge will indicate when the next storm will hit the island. When the gauge is full, touch the Code Red button to start playing this special game mode. During the Code Red, the carnivores will try to escape. Keep touching the carnivores before their gauge fills completely. Any dinosaur that manages to fill its gauge will escape, and end the Code Red! The longer you last, the more coins you will earn. 

Creating a profile is simple since it is linked to your Facebook account. Simply login to Facebook, read and accept the Terms of Service and you’re done! 

Using a different profile than the one that’s being used can be done by selecting “Change Account” from the Options. Make sure to have logged out from the undesired Facebook profile in your Browser or the Facebook app prior to that. 

As long as you logged in through Facebook, your progress between games will be saved onto our server, making it accessible at any time from any iPhone/iPad,Android device. 

Jurassic Park Builder can still be played without logging into a Facebook account. This can be done by choosing to play as a Guest on the login screen. Also note that a Guest Mode account can only be accessed from the device it was created on. Guest accounts lack several key features, such as Friends and research help. 

You won’t lose your progress as a Guest player even though you choose to switch to a full featured profile that is connected to your Facebook account. Simply merge your 2 accounts from the Options Menu, but be careful as Facebook accounts can only be merged with a Guest account ONCE. 

Play with your friends by inviting them to install Jurassic Park Builder and get them to help out at the research center or send gifts! 

The Mailbox is your information center. Whenever you receive gifts or research help, it will be displayed in your Mailbox. Don’t forget to check your mail regularly so you don’t miss out on any special events! 

Modifying your audio preferences (i.e.: turning the game sounds, voices and music ON/OFF), logging out or merging two profiles can be done from the Options Menu. Turn notifications ON/OFF. 

The game requires an Internet connection to properly function. In order to play Jurassic Park Builder, make sure your iPhone/iPad,Android is connected at all times by a WiFi, 3G or 4G network connection. 

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