9GAG Ramen Celebrity Guide: 5 Tips, Cheats and Tricks

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9GAG Ramen Celebrity Guide
For iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices

Why Drinks should be served first?
Drinks are very easy to serve , it takes only few seconds to give your customer a drink by tapping at your drink button and drag the chosen drink to your customer.

While serving a drink, you can take a quick look for what you should serve next.
This quick look can help you prepare on what you should serve after serving your drinks.

Prepare your Ramen Bowl
Prepare your Ramen Bowl with noodles first when there is no customer yet. This will give you more time to serve the drink first before finishing your Ramen Bowl.

Always Restock
Restocking is the most important when you want to maximize your total income for the day.
If you are quick in terms of preparing your ingredients but if you don't frequently restock your ingredients, you may get 1 star for that. Restocking requires time so you need to restock frequently to serve more customers and avoid waiting.

Always Upgrade Ingredients
Upgrading your ingredients will increase your profit and reduces it's stock time while upgrading your decorations will maximize your overall gameplay. This is the best way to earn money at fast rate.

Balance your upgrades for all of your ingredients, keep in mind that every upgrade will increase it's next upgrade cost. Upgrading takes time to successfully upgrade your chosen ingredients or decorations, so upgrade others while waiting to maximize your playing time.

Celebrities are you VIP customers
Take a look for specific hints that can be seen in the Daily Nippon News. Follow that hints may increase your reputation and specially your income.

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