Buster Blitz Cheats: Killer Move, Battle Tips, Guide and Tricks

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Strategy Guide iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch and Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices for Buster Blitz.

Buster Blitz Killer Move and Battle Tips

The unit circled in green is your ally who's ready to take action.
The enemy will take their action once this bottom-left number reaches 0. Don't forget to look!
Use finger to drag your unit and point the arrow towards the enemy. Let go to release and tackle.
You can instantly defeat the enemy by pushing them off the tower floor! You'll also lose HP if your unit falls off.
If your team's HP fall to 0, then you will no longer be able to fight, and the battle will end!

Tap anywhere on the floor while your unit is in motion to trigger the [STOP ACTION].
Use the STOP ACTION to prevent your unit from falling off the tower floor!
When you defeat the enemy, you will receive stars called DP [DROP POINTS].
When you used STOP ACTION, it will sparked your [KILLER MOVE].
Don't forget that you need to collect [DP] by defeating the enemies in order to use KILLER MOVES!
When your unit defeats the enemy, that unit will get to attack again. This is called [KILL BONUS]!
Make use of both the Killer Move and the Kill Bonus to defeat the tower boss!

You can use Magic Stones to summon allies, restore your stamina, or even expand your Unit Box.
This is where you can use your Magic Stones or Friend Points [FP] to summon monsters!

Single Play Tips
Choose between Normal and Special Quest. Great for your daily training Head to the top!
Many stages that are only available for a limited time and those with special rewards!

Team Edit Tips
Freely form a team with your favorite units!
There are tons of Killer Moves you can set on your units!
Try to mix and match different killer moves.

Killer Move List Tips
When a Killer Move sparks in battle. Given that skill is at a certain level, the skill can be unlocked and mastered!
Once mastered, a different unit can be set with that Killer Move!
Try to mix and match different Killer Moves!
You can SEAL unneeded Killer Moves.
Sealed moves will not be available ever again! Be careful.

Upgrade Fusion Tips
Fuse to raise the unit's level and ability level!
And more battle advantages when you raise bond Lv.
Raise Bond to get better drop chance and more powerful Bond combo.

EVO Fusion Tips
Raise the rarity of the unit with MAX level by EVO.
Special items are required for EVO!
The MAX level will increase when rarity increases. That's how the unit gets stronger!

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