Craft Royale Cheats: 6 Best Tips to Attack, Combo, Guide and Tricks

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Craft Royale Tip#1: AI Opponent.
There is no currently Real PVP experience in this game.
When you play an ONLINE Battle, the game will give you an opponent based on your trophies but it will be controlled by an AI.
Therefore you will fight an AI using's a random person account instead of a real human playing against you.

Craft Royale Tip#2: Counter Attack.
Wait for the AI to take it's first spawn before you can spawn. Because if you don't spawn a troop after it reaches at 10 elixir, your opponent will spawn first.
It is recommended to spawn your first troop on the different lane from your enemy's first spawn troops. Because the enemy will also spawn on what lane you spawn.
You will have more elixir to throw on that lane compared to your enemy.

Craft Royale Tip#3: One Lane Push/Attack.
It is recommended to focus at 1 lane only, When you to spawned a lot of troops, it will be difficult for the enemy to defend it and it will likely destroy it's king tower with one push!

Craft Royale Tip#4: Switch Lane if you can't defend.
If you can't defend because your current troops are weak against enemy's spawned troops and you want to reshuffle your cards so you can match those enemy troops then just switch lane.
Remember if you spawn a troop in that lane to defend, your enemy will also spawn a troop! It will only stop if you spawn a troop to the other lane, your enemy will also follow you.
So you should stop immediately if you can't defend your lane because more enemy troops means it can also destroy your king's tower with one push!

Craft Royale Tip#5: No Building type Cards.
There are no buildings in this game so you can spawn alot of troops without worrying about like defensive buildings found on Clash Royale.

Craft Royale Tip#6: Ranged Troops.
Ranged Troops are the best troops in the game because there are no defensive/offensive buildings in Craft Royale.
The Best Troops in Craft Royale are Pixel Dragon "Baby Dragon" and Necromancer "Witch". They can tank enemy's damage and can kill enemy troops with splash damage.
If you can spawn any of Necromancer and Pixel Dragon or both and another support range troops such as Musketeer, Archers Clash Royale Counterpart, it will be difficult for your enemy to defend it.

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