FCB Ultimate Rush Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Coins, Controls, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush Tip #1: Controls.

  • Swipe left or right to switch lane.
  • Swipe up to jump over obstacles.
  • Swipe down to slide over obstacles.
  • Tap the target to kick a ball.
  • You can also swipe down to tackle enemy.

FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush Tip #2: Gameplay.

  • Build up your Ultimate team
  • Recruit Players
  • Complete Quests.
  • Train and Upgrade your Team
  • Don't forget just enjoy

FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush Tip #3: Join FCB on Facebook.

  • Save your progress.
  • Get Scratch Cards & FCB coins.
  • Get Free Scratchers
  • Send & Receive scratchers from your friends!

FC Barcelona Ultimate Rush Tip #4: Other Important Tips

  • Collect your rewards at the Gift Box every day!
  • Train - Raise your players level to increase Energy!
  • Challenge your friends, Training also effects your High score!
  • Legendary players usually boosts energy and coins for your team
  • Rate FCB Ultimate Rush to get 1000 coins.