Galaxy Reavers Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Gifts, Fleets, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Galaxy Reavers Tip #1: Free Gifts and Rewards.
Watch ads to get Bonus Rewards such as fleet parts and khorium.
There are 2 ways to earn rewards:
1. Gift
Just tap and watch the video ad and you will get fleet parts and most of the time, you will get a common fleet part.
10 Minutes Cooldown before you can watch an ad again.
2. Store
Go to store and tap the "watch advertisements for free khorium" and you will get khorium for free and it's amount will be based on your current level.
Khorium is a premium currency in Galaxy Reavers.
10 Minutes Cooldown before you can watch an ad again.

Galaxy Reavers Tip #2: Focus Fire.
It is recommended to focus ONE enemy fleet at a time.
It is faster to kill a single enemy fleet if your all fleet is targeting it.
Remember, more enemy fleets more incoming damage, so you should eliminate one enemy fleet as soon as possible.
Pick one enemy fleet that is weak and easy to kill with low health points.
Except if your mission is to kill enemy boss, then so you should focus fire on that enemy boss and ignore other enemy fleets.

Galaxy Reavers Tip #3: Protect your Weakest Fleet.
Weakest fleet has low damage output and low health points.
Enemy fleets prefer to kill your fleets that has a low health points.
To protect your weak fleets, just tap your stronger fleets and focus fire a single enemy fleet then control your weakest fleet and let them avoid incoming damage by going far from the enemy fleets.
Equipping Sublight Propeller to your weak fleets helps you avoid high damage projectiles by using it's Tactical Device Skill.
Just move away your weak fleet from enemy projectiles and let your weak fleet hit enemies with it's attacks so it is recommended to equip your weak fleets with laser type weapon.

Galaxy Reavers Tip #4: Improve your Strongest Fleet.
Improve your Strongest Fleet with offensive fleet parts, specially with high damage output and with offensive tactical device skill.
Your strongest fleet will have more health points than your weak fleets, so it is recommended to put your offensive fleet parts to your strong fleets and put your defensive fleet parts to your weak fleets.