League of Defenders Cheats: CDKey Gift, 2 Tips for Rewards, Character Guide and Tricks

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Strategy Guide iPhone, iPad, Android (Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, Sony Xperia) Devices.

League of Defenders Tip# 1: Characters.

Melee Attacker with strong attack and stable damage output.
Serves as a Pioneer in Battlefields without Fear!

Ranged Attacker with High Odds of Crit.
Can instantly Deal Fatal Damage to Enemy Once Awaken.

Ranged attacker with High Odds of Dodge and Agile Reactions.
It is skilled in Endless Bombing and Sudden Strike.

League of Defenders Tip# 2: 8 Ways to earn Bonus Rewards!

1. Sign In
Reward for Total Signin Days per Month.

2. Gift for Total Login
Daily Login Game to get Login Gift.

3. Opening Gift
Daily Gifts on the first 3 days after the server opens.

4. Online Gift
Reach required Online time to get Great Rewards.

5. Level Gift
Upgrade to get level gift.

6. Feat Gift
Collect feats to claim rewards.

7. Knight Gift
Kill enemies for your knight to claim.

8. League of Defenders CDkey Gift
Exchange Superior Rewards with CDKey from Official Events.


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