Shark Evolution Clicker Tapps Cheats: 9 Tips for Fast Coins, Guide and Tricks

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Shark Evolution Clicker Tapps Tip #1: Buying Sharks Efficiently.
When you buy any sharks except for the most expensive shark, just buy it IF the costs amount is almost double of it's next shark evolution costs.

For Example
Baby Shark costs 10000 while it's next evolution which is the "Shark" that costs 15000. You shouldn't buy a baby shark until the Shark costs is TWICE as your Baby Shark cost.
So you should buy Shark first until it reaches at around 20000 before you can buy another Baby Shark.

Shark Evolution Clicker Tapps Tip #2: Special Food.
Special Food can double your coin production for 2 hours, you can get it free by just watching a single Video AD.
Get Special Food first by watching an Ad before you can do another Ad to get Free Sharks because Video Ads are limited only.

Shark Evolution Clicker Tapps Tip #3: Shark Delivery.
Upgrade this as soon as possible for the early stage of the game. You won't be needing this when you rely on getting coins from your passive earnings.

Shark Evolution Clicker Tapps Tip #4: Submarine.
Upgrade Submarine as soon as possible because you will get more coins when you leave the game. Each upgrade increases the effect time of the Submarine, Submarine collects coins while you're arent playing.

Shark Evolution Clicker Tapps Tip #5: Crate Quality.
Spend your Extra Gems/Diamonds to upgrade your Crate Quality, it will give you more quality sharks per each crate thus will give you more friendly sharks.

Shark Evolution Clicker Tapps Tip #6: Pearl Delivery.
Not useful when you are on the third or higher areas. You can't carry pearls on 2nd or higher areas so it will be difficult to efficiently utilize it.

Shark Evolution Clicker Tapps Tip #7: Shark Magnet.
If you have an extra coins, then you can Upgrade your Shark Magnet. It isn't useful compared to other upgrade but it is better than Pearl Delivery.

Shark Evolution Clicker Tapps Tip #8: Fusion Bar.
Upgrading Fusion Bar will decrease the amount to fill the fusion bar. when you fill the fusion bar, it will give you an instant boost of coin production temporarily.

Shark Evolution Clicker Tapps Tip #9: Purchase Starter Bundle if you like the Game.
You will Doubled your Coins/Sec Permanently!
You will get 60 Diamonds to upgrade Crate Quality!

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