Crasher 4399.EN Cheats: 6 Best Events for Newbie, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Crasher Android/iPhone Cheats

Crasher Tip #1: Top Up Gift.
If you reach certain number of Diamonds top up, you will get extra bonus rewards.
Rewards: Coins, Enhance Stones, Honor Soul, Goddess Tear, Courage Soul, Tenacity Soul, Guard Soul, Heart of Light and Gold Chests.

Crasher Tip #2: Sign In.
For 7 Days, you can get rewards every day when you sign in daily.
The longer consecutive days you logged (7th day at maximum) will give you more rewards.
Expect to claim Supreme Storm Soul Staff on the 7th Day.

Crasher Tip #3: Promo Event.
Level Rush to 45: Before the event, the role of each 45 as you can to receive rewards.
Wing Star: Upgrade wing to get better attribute and gorgeous appearances! Claim when wings are upgraded to grade 3 before the end of Event.
Path to King: Join Rank Contest for Rank Score!
Arms Star: Upgrade Arms to get better attribute and high end weapon appearance!
Power Star: Improve Power and Kill more monsters.

Crasher Tip #4: Monthly Gift.
Get free diamonds for every login in Monthly Gift. If you miss a day, the counter will not reset and will continue to your next login.
It is recommended to login to it's end of the month, to receive the more 100 diamonds at the last week of the month.

Crasher Tip #5: Invest Plan.
Use 1000 diamonds to invest. Claim 500 diamonds at once and get 150 Bind Diamonds/day for 30 days!
Gain 5000 diamonds in total of 500% bonus.

Crasher Tip #6: Lottery.
Lottery which online time reach 3, 10, 40, 150 mins.
The longer you stay online, the more rewards you can get!

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