Space Galactic Wars Cheats: 5 Best Tips in Upgrades, Bullets, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Space Galactic Wars Tip #1: Speed.
Upgrading Speed makes your plane move faster when you change at any direction.
Having a good upgrades of speed can help you avoid bullets easily.
Defense is a good offense, in this game you need to avoid enemy bullets as long as you can, your attacks (bullets) will just hit them while consciously avoid their bullets.

Space Galactic Wars Tip #2: Armor.
Armor increases survivability of your plane.
You can take more enemy bullet hits if you upgrade armor.
It will be difficult for the enemies to kill you if you have high armor and collecting health powerups at the same time.

Space Galactic Wars Tip #3: Bullet Strength.
The best offensive upgrade for your plane.
You can easily kill enemies specially if you have a max upgrade of Bullet Strength.
High upgrade for Bullet Strength is needed, because you need to kill enemies as soon as possible to prevent them from firing their bullets.
You can also get more power-ups like health or attack powerups if you can kill enemies at fast rate.

Space Galactic Wars Tip #4: Bonus Strength.
Whenever you got a power-up, that power-up will have more effect if you have upgraded your Bonus Strength.
If you got an offensive power-ups, that power-up will increases your damage output.
If you got a defensive power-ups such as health or invincible, you will have either more bonus health or longer invincibility.

Space Galactic Wars Tip #5: Upgrade Priority.
Max Bullet Strength as you can as long as you have atleast 3 for Speed and 2 for armor.
If you having experience difficulty in dodging enemy bullets, you can increase your speed or armor by 1 or 2.
Bonus Strength is the least upgrade that you can upgrade if you have good amount of speed and armor.