Sultan The Game Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Fights, Coins, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Sultan The Game Boxing Tip #1: Offensive Attacks.
Tap anywhere on the screen for a Light attack.

Swipe across the screen to perform a Heavy attack.

Successful attacks charge your Signature Move.
Tap on the Signature Move Icon to perform it.

Sultan The Game Boxing Tip #2: Defense.
Tap and Hold to Block opponent attacks.

Block after you land 2-3 hits. The opponent will likely to attack if you attack too much.

Sultan The Game Boxing Tip #3: Upgrading.
Upgrade Sultan to make him stronger and beat tougher opponents!

Upgrading will automatically improve your strength, defense and health.

Sultan The Game Boxing Tip #4: Earning Coins.
Earn more coins by winning a fight. The higher the level, the higher rewards you may get.
But in Sultan The Game, you would only have 20 maximum energy. Fights costs 1 or more energy, so you need to win most of the time, to get more coins.

Select and Play at your previous fights and make sure you can win that fight to get more coins.