You Riding: The Journey Surf Game Cheats: 18 Tricks, Strategy Guide and Tips

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The Journey - Surf Game for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad)

1. Tap Turn
The tap turn is a great way to manage your speed without stalling.
Do it wear the top of the wave and few feet in front  of the lip.

2. Cutback
Use the cutback to get back to the pocket when you are far out on the open face.
Do a fast cutback by holding the Up Arrow or do a slow cutback by holding the Down arrow before starting the cutback.

3. Check Turn
Use the check turn to stylishly stall into the barrel when you're going too fast.

4. Claim
You earn 1000 points per second while in the barrel but you can unlock duration, depth and claim bonuses.
To earn the claim bonus, hold the claim button for 1 second while inside the barrel.

5. Roller
The Roller is a quick swapping maneuver that you do at the top of the wave in front of a breaking lip.

6. Tail Blow
The Tail Blow is like a Roller but you throw the tail of your board above the lip and expose the fins.

7. Tail Blow Slide
The Tail Blow Slide throws out your tail and releases the fins unto the face of the wave!

8. Roundhouse
At the end of your cutback you can choose to hit the lip with a roundhouse!

9. Air
Wit a lot of speed, you can project all the lip into an indi air grab and land back on the face.

10. Air Tweak
Project off the lip into a tweaked out slob grab!
Make sure you have a lot of speed and balance!

11. Tail Blow to Reverse
You can choose to exit the Tail Blow as a reverse spin!
Make sure you have a lot of balance at the beginning of the trick!

12. Power Carve
Do this powerful wrapping carve at the top of the wave and send spray flying out the back!

13. Power Carve Slide
Add some flare to your Power Carve and let your fins release and slide.

14. Air Reverse
Hit a steep section or closeout with speed and throw a huge Air Reverse into the flats.

15. Lay back
Push hard on your back foot to lay back and then use your care and wave power to recover.

16. Carving 360
Do a deep bottom turn into a steep wall and carve out a full 360 at the lip.

17. Nose-pick
Project off the lip into an inverted air reverse and pivot the nose to finish the spin!

18. Nose-pick Air
With a ton of speed and balance, launch your Nose-pick rotation further and land in the flats.

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