Armajet Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Weapons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Armajet for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Armajet Tip #1: Thunderstorm.
Thunderstorm is currently an "Over-Powered" weapon.
It has a low DPS but what makes it an OP is on how the weapon works!
The Thunderstorm is very easy to use! Aiming is not a problem here, you can adjust it a little bit and voila! It can hit enemies easily!
You only need is to move correctly, you don't have to worry about aiming, movement is the key with Thunderstorm.
Thunderstorm needs to reduce it's damage, it's a troll weapon that requires little skills to be effectively using it.

Armajet Tip #2: Blacktusk.
Blacktusk is one of the most powerful Weapons in the game.
Aiming is a bit hard but when you can aim and land hits to your enemy, it's deadly.
It's deadly since it has high fire rate and good damage output.
There are a lot who uses a blacktusk because of this. It is currently an "Over-Powered" weapon that needs to be nerf to balance with other weapons.

Armajet Tip #3: Nightfall.
Nightfall is a weapon that requires good aiming skills!
Nightfall shoots sticky a rows with Explosives.
Aiming is difficult but when it lands successfully, it kills. One shot can kill an enemy.
Nightfall also needs to be a little bit harder to aim since it is a powerful weapon.

Armajet Tip #4: Wildfyre.
Wildfyre is an excellent Area of Effect Weapon!
It has a fast reload rate compared to others making it a fast paced weapon.
Same as the thunderstorm, Wildfyre is very easy to aim, just hit the enemy "preferably closer to him" and watch it dies with FIRE!
Be prepared to be followed by Wildfyre users since it is very good specially at close distance.

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