Cartoon 999 Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Cartoon999 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Cartoon 999 Tip #1: How do you earn money?
When each cartoonists gauge is full, a cartoonist will receive a designated manuscript fee.
The manuscript fee will increase when the cartoonist's level increase.
It is important to increases the levels often.

Cartoon 999 Tip #2: Can they work faster?
You can touch the screen to work faster according to the touch speed that each cartoonist has.

But you cannot touch the screen all the time. So purchasing a good desk or using Double Brush Mode will enable the fast works of your cartoonists without touching the screen.
If the general working speed is 1, it means 1 work load per 1 second.

Another way is to have an office dinner. Click an office dinner in the quest menu will show various menus.
Each of them will have different effects.

Nevertheless, an office dinner requires Crystals, which are very rare.
Hyper Mode and Super Hyper Mode are available through cleanup in the quest menu or other various events.

Cartoon 999 Tip #3: Masterpieces Chance.
You can see that in people menu.
In the beginning, the masterpiece chance would be only 0.1%.

But using a good chair will increase the chance. Not just a chair but other furniture in the interior menu could be used to raise the masterpiece chances of the cartoonists.