GX Racing Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Bikes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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GX Racing for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

GX Racing Tip #1: 4 Types of Bikes.
Jumper Bike
Jumper gains speed on jumps.
Start and top speeds are average for this bike.

Starter Bike
Starter is a perfect choice if you are looking for the best start.

Speeder Bike
Speader has better top speed, but it lacks in acceleration and jumping.

The fastest bike.
Champion's Choice!

GX Racing Tip #2: Invite Friends.
Earn a reward for each new friend that joins GX Racing!
1 Friend = 1000 money.
2 Friends = 3000 money.
3 Friends = 6500 money.
4 Friends = 9500 money.
5 Friends = 20000 money.

GX Racing Tip #3: Vault.
GX racing doesn't have "Playing Time" limitation, unlike in other games that has an Energy or Stamina feature that limits a player's playing time.
The only limitation it has is the slot for Vaults. You can only have 4 Vaults Slots for vaults that are obtainable when you win a race.
Fortunately, there are 2 vaults that are seperate from the 4 vault slots.
The first vault is the Free Vault. It is a free vault but it has a cooldown! Once you got the free vault, it will have a timer of 2 hours before you can get another free vault.
The second vault can be obtained by getting 7 wins before you can unlock it. It is repeatable and it doesn't have a cooldown. So you can play all you want and still, you can get bonus stuffs!

GX Racing Tip #4: Jumper Bike is the Best Choice if you don't have a Superbike.
Superbike is powerful but it cost a lot and it has a required an unlocking a league.
It is difficult to get, so you will be left by the other 3 types of Bikes.
In a Race, you will be encounter doing jumps frequently than an obvious start or a straight path road.
If you get a Starter Bike, you are only good at doing start which is once in a single race and your acceleration is average.
If you get a Speeder Bike, which is good at "NON Jumping" speed but you will suffer your speed when you bump or jump.
The advantage of using a Jumper Bike is your Bike is very good at jumping which is frequent in a single race.
When you land after you jump, you can accelerate much better than the two bikes mentioned.
If you are worried about acceleration or top speed, it can be upgradable by spending money in all types of bikes!
Jumping can't be upgraded so you already have an advantage when it comes to max upgrade, since jumping isn't available to upgrade.
Doing "Starter" can't also be upgraded but jumping is much more important than doing a Starter.

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