Auralux 2: Constellations Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Advance, Controls, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Auralux Constellations for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Auralux 2: Constellations Tip #1: Controls.
Drag your finger across your units to select the, or simply tap the planet itself to select the nearby units.
You can upgrade upgradable planets by double tapping to order the units you selected to upgrade it.
While your planet builds up more units, drag with two fingers or tap and hold with one finger and drag to look around.
You can speed up the game by opening the menu in upper right corner of the screen and changing the speed option.
A faster speed can be much more challenging, so be careful with this option!
Select all of your units at once with a quick three finger tap or tap and hold with two fingers.
You can repeat your last order by double tapping with a single finger on an empty space.

Auralux 2: Constellations Tip #2: Basic Strategy.
Every Planet produces units every beat.
For every upgraded planet, it will produces twice as any units. Each upgrade requires 100 units.
Claiming a planet also requires 100 units.
Be sure to upgrade all of your planets on the bottom row. Some still have rings around them.
It takes 100 units to destroy any planet but it will defended by it's nearby units.
Be patient! Let your enemies fight each other whenever you can. Take some time to let your own forces build up!
Your planet will have a red ring when damaged. You can heal it by ordering units onto it.
Sometimes it's best to stay out of the fighting, build up your army, and attack the enemy from behind.
It's usually best to take the closest suns and upgrade them quickly.

Auralux 2: Constellations Tip #3: Advanced Strategy.
Don't let either of your opponents become too powerful. When in doubt, attack the stronger enemy.
Try to maintain a balance of power between your opponents. And if they're fighting, don't get in the way.
Be careful about moving units away from your planets. If the enemy thinks your planet is undefended, they're more likely to attack!
In some cases, it's best to abandon your starting position and colonize a different part of the level.
Pay attention to where the enemy is sending their units. If your can't win a fight, retreat and attack somewhere else.
Attack tend to come from neighboring planets. It's hard to protect a planet if there are a lot of enemy planets next to it.
Sometimes early aggression can let you knock out one opponent quickly, giving you an advantage later on.
Certrally-located planets tend to be attacked more often. Sometimes it's better to capture the edges of the map and work inwards.
A fully upgraded planet is more powerful but it's also a tempting target for attacks.

Purchase Constellations
Only the first constellation can be played for free in it's all levels. Other constellation can only be played up to it's first two levels for free.
The remaining levels must be purchased to play. It costs about 1 dollar or around 10 cents per level and includes two new multiplayer levels.