Dinobot: Brachiosaurus Cheats: 6 Quick Tips for Ability, Weapon, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dinobot: Brachio for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dinobot Ability
Dinobot obtains EXP while battling and automatically increase its ability.
You can equip new armor by researching in the ‘Lab’ or entering ‘Equipment’.

The Sub-weapon attack along with Dinobot and it has machine gun, missile, laser attack types.
According to attack type skill attack differs and you can strengthen skill attack in ‘Lab',
You can strengthen and change sub-weapon in ‘Equipment’, You can combine front of weapon and back of weapon to create sub-weapon and if you combine, the ability also combines so you can have Stronger weapon,

You can check Dinobot's armor and sub-weapon,
You can make the Dinobot stronger by strengthening equipment and you can equip the equipment you have made to the Dinobot,

Supply Chest
You can open supply chest you have obtained during the battle.
The supply chest has gold, energy, crystal, equipment and etc,

You can research strengthening Dinobot and skill by paying some gold.

You can buy new equipment or item that you need.

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