He-Man: Tappers of Grayskull Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Fast Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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He-Man: Tappers of Grayskull for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

He Man: Tappers of Grayskull Tip #1: Area.
The battlefield, which is on the upper half of the screen, changes as you make your way through Eternia.
There are 12 different locations on this epic journey!
You start alone, as He-man. But as time passes and more battles are won,
You can increase your damage and summon allies.
You can manage this by exploring the “He-man”, “Master”, and “Store” panels on the bottom half of the screen.

He Man: Tappers of Grayskull Tip #2: Weak Point & Insight.
From time to time, a crosshair will pop-up to show a boss’s weakness. Tap on them to deal tons of damage and quickly take down the boss.
He-Man can also activate his “Insight” skill to discover any enemy’s weak point at any given time.

He Man: Tappers of Grayskull Tip #3: Time Travel.
Going back into the past will give you the Magic Keys you need to buy powerful ancient Artifacts but it will also reset your progress.
That means everything will be back to square one.
But the trade-off is worth it, since more Artifacts will make you stronger than before.

He Man: Tappers of Grayskull Tip #4: Power Ups.
You can purchase power-ups to help you gain an advantage and win your Boss fights faster and easier.
Each power-up can be bought with gems that you accumulate throughout your battles.
Should you run out, you also have the option to buy gems.

He Man: Tappers of Grayskull Tip #5: Skill.
There are 10 skill icons that are easily accessible and can be found on the bottom of your screen as you unlock them.
When a skill is used, a timer appears, first indicating how much time you have to use them and then how much time you have left before you can use it again.

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