Little Big City 2 Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Buildings, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Little Big City 2 by Gameloft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Building Homes expands the population capacity of your city and unlocks Home Initiatives, which will attract new citizens to your island as you complete them.

Little Big City 2 Tip #1: Homes.
The Homes recommended by each City Advisor provide a specific set of benefits to your city:
Industrial Advisor Han Woo Jin's Homes have the highest capacity, Cultural Advisor Luciana Flores‘ Homes provide the most efficient Home Initiatives, and Technology Advisor Arina Bosko's Homes embody a balanced approach.

Don't forget to place all your Homes near Infrastructure buildings, such as Fire Departments, Police Stations, and Hospitals, so they'll provide maximum benefits to your city!

Little Big City 2 Tip #2: Safety & Security.
Build Hospitals, Police Stations, and Fire Departments in your city to guarantee the safety and security of your citizens.
Homes and Services protected by these Infrastructure buildings will function at maximum output, while those not appropriately protected will have their output reduced.

Little Big City 2 Tip #3: Service Buildings.
Service buildings are very beneficial to city development.
They generate City Initiatives, which award you Cash as you complete them, and they permanently accelerate production speed for their respective production buildings, as well as boost tax income.
Just like Homes, you should place your Service buildings near Infrastructure buildings to ensure they provide the greatest benefits to your city.

Little Big City 2 Tip #4: Landmarks.
Landmarks are special buildings that let you develop your city in new ways.
They are the main centers of production, allowing you to produce advanced goods, but only within a queue. Landmarks also unlock advanced buildings.

If you want to build a specific Landmark, you'll need a certain number of Blueprints and a building site.
You'll also need to have unlocked the previous Landmarks within the set.

Little Big City 2 Tip #5: Stadium.
Every big city should have a Stadium, which increases tax revenue and provides daily tasks.
When you complete a string of tasks, you'll receive a temporary boost on rewards for Initiatives.

Little Big City 2 Tip #6: Decorations.
Decorations let you add a personal touch to your city, making it beautiful to look at and very
 to new citizens.
Using Decorations will also increase the number of Citizens arriving on the daily ship.

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