Spaceship Battles Cheats: 21 Quick Tips for Spaceship Parts, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Spaceship Battles by Herocraft & Epic Owl for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Vulcan Cannon: Improved range and damage over its smaller sibling.
Deals moderate damage against armor and shields alike.

Rocket Launcher: A simple weapon that fires a guided rocket at the enemy.
Has poor damage against shields, but is very effective against thin layers of armor and other modules.

Combat Shield: Basic, relatively cheap shielding.
Eats a lot of power. but stops rockets and light ballistic fire effectively.
Useless versus lasers which all penetrate it.

Laser Beam: Long range and good accuracy, the
Laser Beam penetrates shields and burns quickly through unarmored hulls.

Warp Drive: This engine periodically warps you facing the enemy within range of your weapons.
Effective at turning the tide of a battle, or getting up close and personal with some heavy weapons.

Small Solar Armor: Armor provides small amounts of power for its host ship while offering reasonable protection from harm.
Decent lasers and ballistic fire, but crushed by explosives.

Vectored Thurster: Sacrificing nearly all forward thrust capabilities. the Vectured
Thruster allows a ship to improve its turning rate by surprising amounts.

Vulcan Turret: Accurate targeting and sustained ballistic fire in a 360 degree angle
Excellent for slow ships and taking out enemy supports.

Medium Reactor: Medium CFRs provide an ample power supply for ships of almost and size.
Take care to protect them as they explode violently if destroyed.

Rocket Turret: Overcoming the limitations of locking on targets only in front of you.
The Rocket Turret fires homing rockets at enemies wherever they may be.

Medium Steel Armor: A larger slab of steel. Its sheer size allows it to soak up most smaller explosions in addition to being excellent against chainguns and lasers.

Afterburner: The Afterburner periodically beasts the power of all your engines.
Skilled captains use an Afterburner for quickly turning a dangerous situation around.

Large Ion Drive: An upgrade ever the Small Inn Drive in terms of durability and output.
This variant can keep even large ships moving with relative ease.
Difficult to destroy and cheap to power.

Railgun: The Railgun has a long Effective range and high damage but it fires slowly.
Best when installed in clusters tn take out shields and armor.

Point Defense Turret: This defensive system tracks down approaching missiles and fires them down. Relatively bulky.
It can also withstand some measure of lasers and ballistic fire.

Laser Turret: A Laser Beam that can target and strike enemies in a 360 degree angle around you.
Best when passing ever the enemy and striking them en the sides and hack where armor is scarce.

Missile Launcher: Packs a greater payload than the Rocket Launcher with slightly improved range.
The explosion radius reaches through light armor.

Medium Armored Reactor: The Medium Armored Reactor is half plating. half power plant.
It offers a good output of power and some measure of protection.
Explodes when destroyed.

Mine Launcher: Drops packets of high yield mines that detonate upon enemy contact Untargetable. but punishing when set off.
Shields soften the blow.

Bunker Shield: A protective shield with a small radius and nu recharge. but high power and a deflecting surface.
Useless against lasers, but brilliant versus rapid ballistic fire and missiles.

Repair Bay: The Repair Bay focuses on a handful pf damaged ship parts and heals the sustained damage with high speeds during battle. Repair Bays have limited supplies.

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