Cookie Clickers 2 Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Cookies Per Second, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Cookie Clickers 2 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Cookie Clickers 2 Tip #1: Auto Clicks & Power Click.
Auto Clicks in PowerUps Shop will increase your CPS or Cookies Per Second without tapping the screen.
You can still earn cookies while the game or app is closed without time limitation, so you can get your cookies when you go back to the game.
Power Click in Upgrades Shop will boost your Click with every level your clock power doubles.
Power Click has higher CPS compared with the Auto Clicks when tapping the screen. If you want to get a lot of Cookies for a short time amount, just upgrade the Power Click and actively tapping the screen will give you a huge amount of Cookies.
However both Auto Clicks and Power Click should be upgraded because they are needed to improve your current level.

Cookie Clickers 2 Tip #2: Levels.
Each Levels has three achievements required for you to proceed to the next level.
Those three achievements should be completed if you want to level up.
Every Completed Levels will give you bonus rewards such as Auto Click, Power Click, Cookies and etc.
You should also immediately complete those achievement if you are new to this game since some features would only be available if you completed specific levels.
These achievements will balance your total gameplay because some achievements requires specific total playing time, total Clicks, total Watched ads etc.
You won't improve much specially if you are stuck at lower levels while having higher CPS. Higher Levels will definitely boost your Cookies per Second.

Cookie Clickers 2 Tip #3: Other Ways to increase CPS (Cookies Per Second).
1. Time Machine
You can get instant Cookies with the Time Machine. You will earn cookies depends on how many Golden Cookies was used and your current CPS. 1 Golden Cookie is equivalent into CPS x 5 Mins.
2. Lucky Spin
Free Spin for every 15 hours or spend 3 Golden Cookies for a single spin. Lucky Spin has many rewards such as Auto Click Shop Upgrades, Power Click Upgrade, Golden Cookies and Cookies.
3.Watch Ads
You can earn instant Cookies after watching an ad, the amount of cookies you can get in the ads will be based on your total upgrades in the shop.

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