Battle DNA 2 Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Battle Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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BattleDNA2 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

BattleDNA2 Tip #1: Stage.
Stars for the stages you haven't completed will not be displayed.
The Faster you clear a floor, the more stars you will be awarded with. You can get 1 - 3 stars per stage.
The inner coloring of the stage indicates the stage's attribute.
The floor your friend is currently exploring will be displayed on the right inside of the stage.
Touch the friend's leader to visit the Expedition.

The stage you are exploring will be marked with an arrow at the top of the stage.
Each stage has a boss and the shadow of the boss will be displayed.
Current Area will be displayed. If you touch the reward, you can check the completion reward for the Area.

BattleDNA2 Tip #2: Battle Preparation.
1. Stage information and Expedition effect.
- Floor number and other information for the current stage will be displayed.
- Acquirable item type of the stage will be displayed.
- Acquirable items include weapons, armor, helm, and boots.

2. Expedition information and spawned monsters.
- Hero level and equipped weapon attribute will be displayed.
- You can summon a mercenary or a friend to help you during battle.

3. Expedition supplies and starting a battle.
- You can purchase ATK, HP and time limit increase from the expedition supplies.
- You can use Elimination Tokens for areas you've already completed.
The token will allow you to gain the results without the battle.

BattleDNA2 Tip #3: Add Hero.
You can assign a total of 6 heroes as expedition crew.
The expedition leader is at the head, and the 2 next to the leader are the crew participating in the battle.
The 3 spaces in the back are spaces for stand-by crew.
Only the crew who have fought will be rewarded with EXP.

You can add 3 crew to the Expedition for free.
Expand your crew slots in order to have more than 4.
Slots will be unlocked one by one.

BattleDNA2 Tip #4: Other Helpful Tips.

You can purchase a variety of items from Shop with Gold Carats and Cash.
When you're in the main lobby and see a "Free Summon" Sign on the shop, you can summon an item.

The Expedition has various assets such as equipment, Soul, Relic and Costume.
You can equip, use or enhance the acquired items in your Expedition.

You can check the acquirable location and grade of your equipped item.
An Attribute and an active skill will be added to the weapon.

Collect the attribute Gems you need.
You can obtain Gems from the Event Tower or Fame shop.
Select the Attribute gem you wish to use, and pay the Gold to change the attribute.

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