Happy Bear Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Virtual Pet and Coins, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Happy Bear Virtual Pet by Frojo Apps for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Happy Bear Coins Tip #1: Rock & Wood Mini Game.
One of the fastest way to earn coins at fast rate while maintaining a medium difficulty.
To control the rock, just simply tilt your phone left or right to move what direction you want to it to go.
To easily control the direction of the rock, avoid tilting your phone similar to other games like temple run like tilting your top of your device toward the ground.
It is much better to tilt it the phone towards at the back of your device, this will make your movement smoother and you can easily change your direction without too much unnecessary movements.
The game will start at slow pace towards to a medium speed pace then it will not go faster thus it is much easier to gain a lot of coins without repeating from the start.

Happy Bear Coins Tip #2: Bubble Shooter Mini Game.
The best mini-game available in the game because it gives a lot of coins when you pop a bubble.
It will give you more coins if you can pop many bubbles at single shot.
This game is very easy at first but the difficulty will move up. The value of popped bubble will be the same at any difficulty of the game.
Since the value doesn't change, you can easily replay the mini game and still get coins at very fast rate compared to other mini games.

Happy Bear Coins Tip #3: Basketball Playground Mini Game.
Playground Mini Game can be found on entertainment section, not on games section which it has another basketball game.
When you are on the playground, you can play the basketball solo or with another guest.
When you successfully shot the ball to the ring, you will earn 2 coins which is very small compared to other mini games.
It is also difficult to shot the ball but there is a trick if you want to either impress other guest at the playground or you just want to improve and challenge yourself.
The trick is to throw the ball under the ring, you will still get a point (coins) with this kind of trick.
But doing that trick is difficult also. However you can do that by heading the basketball just like heading the football. Head it until you under the ring.
Once you are under the ring, bounce it upward into the ring and catch it with your head again when it lands, repeat and you will gain coins easily.