Pirate War: Age of Strike Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Buildings, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pirate War: Age of Strike Beta by Playwar for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Pirates War: Age of Strike Tip #:1 Academy.
Knowledge is power! It's an axiom for a real captain.
When you upgrade the Academy, you not only speed up the Knowledge research but also unlock the most valuable of them!

Attack; The power of your army depends on the characteristics of the troops.
The Military Knowledge allows you to increase them
Economy: Studying Economic knowledge will greatly help you develop the island!
Training: Would you like to significantly reduce the time and cost of troops training?
Then you should research the knowledge of training.
Monsters gear: Your hero will be able to fight the monsters more effectively if you study this knowledge!
Scouting: Scouting is an essential skill for any captain.
Research this Knowledge to find out more about the enemy!

Pirates War: Age of Strike Tip #:2 Forge.
Your Hero needs a good set of items. The Forge is a place where you can not only create the equipment but also store it, as well as materials and Runes.
Items creation speeds up with each new Forge level!

Item creation; The Forger, will be pleased to help you create the Items for your Hero!
All he needs is a set of materials and some gold.
Combining: Combine materials and Runes more often.
After all, the higher their level is, the better the Items are, and the more bonuses they give you!
Items Inventory: Heroes items will not only make your Hero appearance fearsome but also provide him with many additional bonuses! Here you can browse his wardrobe and the information about every item.
Components inventory: Would you like to see how many materials and Runes you've managed to collect? That's why you need the Inventory of Components!

Pirates War: Age of Strike Tip #:3 Building Tips.
Bastion; Bastion is the most important building on the island!
The higher the level of this fortress, the more options for construction and development you have.
Troops, not distributed to the Garrisons, will come out from the Bastion to defend your island.
After upgrading the Bastion to level 6 item ‘Newcomer's movement’ will no longer be available.
You won't be able to move your island to another Archipelago

Sawmills: Build the Sawmills on your island to provide it with Wood.
By increasing levels and the amount of the Sawmills. you can get this resource faster.
Remember, resource structures stop their production when the total capacity is full!

Farm: Large squad consumes large quantity of Food.
Construct and upgrade the Farm to supply your island and troops with the Food!
Remember, resource structures stop their production when the total capacity is full!

Gymnasium: Level of your Hero depends on his experience. flu number of his skills, which you can distribute, depends on his level.
Upgrade the Gymnasium and your Hero will receive even more experience!

Market:  Your clanmates urgently need resources? Send the trade galleys using the Market.
Upgrade this building to send more resources. decrease ta: on sending and speed up the trade galleysl

Pavilion: By upgrading the Pavilion you will not only increase the number of troops in each campaign, but you will also be able to conduct a few campaigns simultaneously.