Top Football Manager Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Players, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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TOP FM for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Top Football Manager Tip #1: Reducing Player Injuries.
You need to have the best players available to play for important matches such as competitive championships.
Injuries makes your players weak or unable to play.

Avoiding injury maybe impossible for a whole season, but it can be reduced as little as possible.
To lower the risk of injury, here are some guidelines to prevent injuries:

1. Don't over-training. Too much training will cause injury in either training or real matches.
2. Don't play too much friendly matches. Friendly matches has a lot of benefits when it comes to improving your team but doing too much makes your players vulnerable for injuries.
3. Don't overly use the Tackling Style. We all know that tackling style is a risky decision because of it's pros and cons. One of the cons is making your player vulnerable for injury.
4. Players should have full condition level. Having full condition level for a player makes it difficult to get injuries.

Top Football Manager Tip #2: Retiring Players.
All players will have their retirement at the maximum of age 38.
This will vary from player to player and renewed contracts.
Renewed contracts will extend your player's playing time for three years.
To reach the maximum age of 38, your player should renew it's contract when he is at age 35.
You should attain highest age possible for your best players, just to have them longer in your team because they are valuable.
So you should pay attention to the age of your players when you want to add new players or retain your best players.

Top Football Manager Tip #3: Free Items.
You can get free items which is very helpful for important matches or championship matches.

There are 4 ways to get free items:
1. In-Game friends and Facebook Friends. You can get some free items via gifts from your friends.
2. Referring your Friends to the game. There are two ways to invite a friend to the game: invitation code and Facebook invitation. You will be only rewarded if they accept the invitation and play the game.
3. Watching Ads. Watch video ads and you will get coins or free items depending of the availability. Video Ads rewards are limited for a single day, so get them every day to earn more free items.
4. Post/Share it to your Facebook News feed. You will get free items when you share your achievements, match results, etc.

Top Football Manager Tip #4: Other Helpful Tips
  • You can make 3 substitutions in a match. Make the appropriate adjustments based on the formation.
  • You can view opponent information to plan your tactics.
  • You can either bet on goals/results of the match or share great matches to FA channel.
  • You can also follow up the real-time  statistics, switch 2D/3D model or leave match.
  • Make sure your players energy and morale are high before the match.
  • You get important news in your mail to help manage your team.
  • You can bid to get players in the Transfer Market to strengthen your team.
  • In spotlight, you can watch matches and place bets on the results.