Charming Keep Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Fast Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Charming Keep for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Charming Keep Tip #1: Charming Keep Inc.
You can only rescue a princess once you reached the 10th level of a castle.
If you've rescued the princess and made a tidy profit, it is time for Charming Keep Inc. to make even more bucks.
Tap on the next island to expand Charming Keep Inc. and grow the business.
You can go back to your previous Keeps (Castles), but the new ones are powered by your successful ones, so head onward and upward.

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the princess.
Once you move onto another keep, your current keep will switch to power mode and contribute to your princely profit.

Charming Keep Tip #2: Offline Progress.
Charms earn you more Coins per tap. Less work, more money.
Build Rare Shop for Better Profits.
When you leave the game, all your shops keep making money!
You can also change the notification setting in the main settings, if you want to let the game notify you on what things happen while you are away.
If you go back to the game for more than 10 minutes, you can double your offline profits by watching a video ad.

Charming Keep Tip #3: Active Progress,
Shops generate coins! Tap the bag to collect them.
Watch a video ad to double your earnings per second for 4 hours.

Kill the monsters located at the ground floor by tapping them, they will leave a bag of money that you can obtain.
The value of the money from the monsters will depend on how much money do you have currently.
The more money your have currently, the more money you can obtain from monsters.

Charming Keep Tip #4: Time Travel.
In the spell shop, you can travel through time by spending gems.
You can use this feature to earn huge amount of money immediately.
It is recommended to use this feature if you plan to take a long break from the game such as sleeping, etc..
Because you need to upgrade as much as you can before taking a long break to earn a lot of money.
If you use time travel feature, make it sure that you should watch an ad to double the total money earned from time travel.

Charming Keep Tip #5: Costume.
Costumes change the appearances of characters and gear.
Costumes consist of skins, weapon costumes, and wings.
- Skin: Changesyour character's appearance.
- Weapon Costume: Changes the appearance of an equipped weapon
- Wings: Attaches wings on your character.
Costumes can be purchased with Gems.
Tap the Owned/Not Owned button to filter the costume list.

Each costume has a special option. When equipped, the character's stats increase.
Equip more costumes to increase your character stats.
Use View Current Effects to check all the current effects from your equipped costumes.

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